Sustainable Global Enterprise

Sustainable Global Enterprise Immersion at Work

Claude Rosen, MBA ‘15

Saving Nemo

by Claude Rosen, MBA ‘15

Claude Rosen describes his deep dive into the sustainability challenges of the aquarium fish industry this summer as a Packard Environment Fellow.

 Mark A. Ramos, MBA’15

Made In China: New Perspectives about Chinese Manufacturing

by Mark A. Ramos, MBA’15

SGE Immersion team learns about Chinese manufacturing and culture firsthand while working on supply chain optimization with Team Planet.

Trevor Wirsig, MBA ‘15

Building a Plane Midflight

by Trevor Wirsig, MBA ‘15

Using what I learned at Johnson to make an impact during my consulting internship.

Brendan Condit, MBA ‘15

Business as Unusual at Patagonia

by Brendan Condit, MBA ‘15

Though his unconventional experience at Patagonia included surf lessons and flip flops at work, Brendan Condit’s (MBA ’15) biggest takeaway was the attitude of employees and the overall character of the culture.

Arnab Mukherjee, MBA ‘15

Investing in Sustainability to Ensure Energy Independence and Political Stability

by Arnab Mukherjee, MBA ‘15

SGE immersion students learn that in light of climate change, the DOD is at the forefront of managing their carbon footprint, conducting research on alternative fuels and energy, and integrating green practices into their day-to-day operations.

Brennan Duty, MBA ‘15

Innovation on New York City Transit – On the Track to Sustainability

by Brennan Duty, MBA ‘15

During the SGE immersion trek to New York City, students visit the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) which runs New York City’s buses, subways and railroads. Counter to popular belief, it is a company that uses technoplogy innovation in many ways.

Jackie Longner, MBA ’14

Wind Energy Resources: Leveling the Playing Field

by Jackie Longner, MBA ’14

SGE immersion student, Jackie Longner (MBA ’14) discusses GE’s plans to increase the productivity and reliability of wind energy.

Carlos R. I. Yoneda, MBA ‘14 and Environmental Finance and Impact Investing Fellow

A Suit-less Summer (or Winter) in Brazil

by Carlos R. I. Yoneda, MBA ‘14 and Environmental Finance and Impact Investing Fellow

This summer Carlos Yoneda (MBA ’14) travelled home to San Paulo, Brazil, where he worked in Google’s Brazil office for the AdWords Channel Sales team. His internship was focused on market research in Latin American and the Caribbean as well as consulting on online marketing practices in Latin America.

Michael Ditter, MBA ’14

Bringing Health Insurance to the Uninsured

by Michael Ditter, MBA ’14

SGE immersion helps prepare student for the ambiguity of a consulting project.

Jerry Petit-Frere, MBA ‘14

Africaptialism: A New Era for Africa

by Jerry Petit-Frere, MBA ‘14

A summer in Africa changes the perspective of an American MBA.