Sustainable Global Enterprise

Sustainable Global Enterprise Immersion at Work

Claudio V. C. Macedo, MBA ‘16

How skills that I thought I would never use became essential during my internship

by Claudio V. C. Macedo, MBA ‘16.

Have you ever had the feeling that you are studying something that you will never need to use? After working for seven years in real estate in Brazil and transitioning to a summer internship in the petrochemical industry in Houston, I realized the importance of all types of learning.

Mei Poon, MBA ‘16 and Environmental Finance and Impact Investing Fellow Candidate

Capitalizing “8 Minute Energy”

by Mei Poon, MBA ‘16 and Environmental Finance and Impact Investing Fellow Candidate.

Mei Poon shares her experience working at a startup within a multinational organization.  

Ace Stryker, MBA ‘16

How to Draw an Owl

by Ace Stryker, MBA ‘16.

Applying in-class MBA frameworks to ambiguous business situations which result in meaningful recommendations can be much like drawing an owl.

Schuyler Woods, MBA ‘16

Reviving the Age-Old Life Insurance Industry

by Schuyler Woods, MBA ‘16.

An investor by training, Schuyler Woods steps outside of her comfort zone and into a general manager role at MetLife.

Alexandra H. Jostrom, MBA ‘16

Fishing for Big, Sustainable Returns

by Alexandra H. Jostrom, MBA ‘16.

Developing investor engagement in the global sustainable seafood industry.

Jeremy Kuhre, MBA ‘16

Taking Part in the Renewables Revolution

by Jeremy Kuhre, MBA ‘16.

Jeremy Kuhre, MBA ’16 uses his newly acquired MBA skills to do things that matter, deliver value, and tackle complex problems.

Rob Brink, MBA ’16 and Environmental Finance and Impact Investing Fellow

Finding Balance

by Rob Brink, MBA ’16 and Environmental Finance and Impact Investing Fellow.

Rob Brink, MBA '16 talks about walking the career tightrope between knowledge and practice, passion and process, old business models and innovation, and work-life and personal-life.

Rizwan Ahmed Quraishi, MBA’16

From Hydrocarbons to Refrigerators: How the Johnson MBA prepares you for exploring different industries

by Rizwan Ahmed Quraishi, MBA’16.

Rizwan Quraishi reflects on how Johnson’s MBA has prepared him for his summer internship as he transitions into a new industry.

Erin Popelka, MBA ‘16

Girls Just Wanna Have Drum

by Erin Popelka, MBA ‘16.

Drumming, brainstorming, and business strategy are all part of a regular day for Erin Popelka during her summer internship in Japan.

SGE Immersion Team

In the Field: Saving Cheetahs One Bushblok at a Time

by SGE Immersion Team.

Working with the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia to improve their Bushblok business, one of several businesses established to complement their holistic approach to saving cheetahs.