Sustainable Global Enterprise

Sustainable Global Enterprise Immersion at Work

SGE Immersion Team

In the Field: Saving Cheetahs One Bushblok at a Time

by SGE Immersion Team.

Working with the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia to improve their Bushblok business, one of several businesses established to complement their holistic approach to saving cheetahs. 

Sierra Stewart, MBA ‘15

Making Sense of it All: Consulting, SGE & the MBA Experience

by Sierra Stewart, MBA ‘15.

Sierra Stewart reflects on her summer internship with Deloitte’s consulting practice, life in the Bay Area and the importance of staying true to who you are – no matter what career you pursue.

Ace Stryker, MBA ‘16

Is It Enough to Make a Buck?

by Ace Stryker, MBA ‘16.

On a trip to NYC SGE students heard from startups and Fortune 50 companies, from entrepreneurs and investment bankers, from real estate developers and ice cream makers, all of whom shared a passion for finding opportunity at the intersection of financial return and social/environmental impact.

Brennan Duty, MBA ‘15

Wild about COMACO

by Brennan Duty, MBA ‘15.

Cornell MBA students describe their experience working with the Zambian social enterprise, COMACO as part of the SGE immersion in the spring of 2014.

Damian Kearney, MBA ‘15

Calm Before (and after) the Storm: A Summer in Disaster Management

by Damian Kearney, MBA ‘15.

Interning with Accenture Development Partnerships in the Philippines, Damian Kearney worked with clients trying to improve the disaster preparedness and recovery sectors.

Claude Rosen, MBA ‘15

Saving Nemo

by Claude Rosen, MBA ‘15.

Claude Rosen describes his deep dive into the sustainability challenges of the aquarium fish industry this summer as a Packard Environment Fellow.

 Mark A. Ramos, MBA’15

Made In China: New Perspectives about Chinese Manufacturing

by Mark A. Ramos, MBA’15.

SGE Immersion team learns about Chinese manufacturing and culture firsthand while working on supply chain optimization with Team Planet.

Trevor Wirsig, MBA ‘15

Building a Plane Midflight

by Trevor Wirsig, MBA ‘15.

Using what I learned at Johnson to make an impact during my consulting internship.

Brendan Condit, MBA ‘15

Business as Unusual at Patagonia

by Brendan Condit, MBA ‘15.

Though his unconventional experience at Patagonia included surf lessons and flip flops at work, Brendan Condit’s (MBA ’15) biggest takeaway was the attitude of employees and the overall character of the culture.