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Henkel anuncia novo executivo responsável pela estratégia regional LATAM

Outlet: Investimentos e Notícias ...persistência para atingir os objetivos da organização e manter a região em destaque”, afirma o executivo. Antes de trabalhar na Henkel, Murilo Brotherhood atuou em grandes empresas como Walm...

Murilo Brotherhood é promovido a responsável pela estratégia LATAM da Henkel

Outlet: UOL - Universo Online ...e Marketing Industrial. Antes de trabalhar na Henkel, Brotherhood atuou em empresas como Walmart, Bain & Co., Unibanco, General ...

Cornell Professor Hass Remembered As A 'Person of Action'

Professor Emeritus Jerome Hass, who passed away unexpectedly in January, is remembered as a committed teacher and friend/

Cornell Recruits Professors to Strengthen Economics Department

In an effort to increase its visibility and improve its ranking, the economics department is making a push to recruit professors from around the country.

Investments Office continues to push private equity

Professor Andrew Karolyi commends Yale's endowment with chief investment officer Swenson as "creative and at the forefront of its peers with respect to alternative investments like private equity, absolute return (hedge funds) and...

Career-minded Resolutions That Get Results

Professor Jodi Glickman advises, ""Resumes are important, but they are not enough," and encourages job seekers to use LinkedIn profiles.

Northern Europe: Keep The Tech Chill Baltics Conference On Your Radar

Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute at Cornell, Rhett Weiss,was recently added to the lineup for the Tech Chill Baltics conference.

MBA Startups: A Fast Track To Entrepreneurship At Cornell

Co-founder and CEO of Seraph Robotics, Adam Tow '12, discusses entrepreneurship and the support he has received from the Cornell Johnson network.