Regional Alumni Clubs

In partnership with the office of Alumni Affairs, Johnson Alumni support over 30 alumni clubs and special interest groups worldwide. If you live in any of the following locations we encourage you to reach out to your local alumni club or contact to see how you can get involved or attend an event. If there isn’t a Johnson alumni club in your area, we invite you to join a Cornell University alumni club or email the Alumni Affairs office and let us know if you are interested in starting a Johnson Club in your area.

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Domestic Clubs

Austin, Texas
Contact: Dave Walden, MBA '10

Contact: Henry Hirvela, MBA '81

Atlanta, GA
Contact: Alex Figueiras '87, MS '88, MBA '89

Boston, MA
President: David Pisacich, MBA '10

Chicago, IL
Co-President: Danny Hest '97, MBA '10
Co-President: Hani Zabaneh, MBA '07

Cincinnati/Southwest Ohio
Contact: Justin Stone, MBA '04

Dallas, Texas
President: Philip Kelton '00

Denver, CO
Contact: Miles Graham, MBA '08

Detroit, MI
Contact: Keith Story, MBA '99

Finger Lakes
Co-President: Thomas Schryver '93, MBA '02
Co-President: Steve Headrick, MBA '07

Contact: Luis Troccoli, MBA '11

Houston, Texas
Contact:  Rodrigo Tejeda, MBA '13

President: Shaun Hawkins '88, MBA '94

Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota
Contact: David Croudace, MBA '12

New York, NY
Co-President: Lisa Bonk, MBA '11
Co-President: Dana Price, MBA '11

Contact: Arthur B. Ray, MPS '74

Philadelphia, PA
Contact: Thomas Stanford, MBA '12

Portland, OR
Contact: Heather Kientz, MBA '99

Rochester, NY
President: Donna Spinella '78, MBA '86

Salt Lake City, UT
Contact: Devin Thorpe, MBA '93

San Diego, CA
Boardmember: Galen Beers '02, MBA '10
Boardmember: Vincent DelPidio, MBA '14
Boardmember: Abby Rothwell, MBA '10

San Francisco Bay Area, CA
President: Alex Pan, MBA '09

Santa Barbara, CA
Contact: Catherine Caicedo, MBA '10

Seattle, WA
Pam Spier '05, MBA '11
Boris Pavlovic, MBA ‘14

Southern California
President: Robert Kahn, MBA '89

Washington, DC
Co-President: Kenyattah Robinson, MBA '06
Co-President: Laura Stierle, MBA '02

Contact:Philip Garton, MBA '05

International Clubs

Contact: James Hay, MBA '93

Co-President: Jose De Sa, MBA '94
Co-President: Andrew Leme, MBA '04

President: Geoffrey Lim, MBA '00
Beijing Co-President: Charlotte Ye, MBA '00
Beijing Vice President: Frank Liu MBA ’09
Hong Kong Co-President: Karin Chu, MBA '11
Hong Kong Vice President: Anya Chang, MBA '12
Hong Kong Vice President: Shania Fang-I Chien MBA ’09
Shanghai Club Officer: Songchun Liang MBA ’09
Shanghai Club Officer: Gavin Zhang MBA ’10

Paris, France
President: Bruno Vivet, MBA '02

President: Justin O'Keeffe, MBA '02

Club President: Sandiip Bhammer, MBA ’04
Director, Delhi: Suman Dubey, MBA '07
Director, Mumbai: Mihir Shah, MBA '08

Club President: Tamar Shen-Orr, MBA '10

Mexico City Co-President: Juan Duarte, MBA '06
Co-President: Hernando Guzman, MBA '07
Co-President: Christian Hernandez, MBA '06
Co-President: Juan F. Jimenez, MEN '02, MBA '06
Co-President: Estefan Ramirez, MBA '11

Milan, Italy
President: Ludovico Denza, MBA '10

Co-President: Rami Sabanegh, BS '99, MBA '06
Co-President: Alexander Ancher Elboth, MBA '14

President: Oscar Corpancho, MBA '12

Co-President: Victoria Chen MBA '10
Co-President: Matthew Shear MBA '10
Boardmember: Nadar Ajlani MBA '09
Boardmember: Joanna Cheng-Ajlani '04, MBA '09

Seoul, South Korea
President: Kyun-Bay Ahn MBA '87

President: Kiran Kumar MBA '02

Tokyo, Japan
President: Amane Nakashima, MBA '89

Toronto, Canada
President: Daniel Tsai MBA'11

Co-President: Ozan Akpek, MBA '08
Co-President: Mahir Cipil, MBA '07
Co-President: Tayfun Uslu, MBA '09

United Arab Emirates
President: Salmaan Jaffery, MBA '01

United Kingdom
President: Timothy Takacs MBA '99

Cornell Alumni Clubs
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