Carlos R. Quintanilla Award

The Carlos R. Quintanilla Distinguished Latino Alumni Award recognizes alumni for exceptional achievements and significant contributions to their professions, community, and society as a whole, for their demonstrated commitment to Johnson, and for promoting the advancement of Latinos in the business world.

In 2014, the Distinguished Latino Alumni Award was renamed in honor of Carlos R. Quintanilla, MBA ’80, a former recipient of the award himself in 2011 for his valued alumni service and outstanding commitment to Johnson. Mr. Quintanilla is a Johnson Advisory Council Member and a champion of the school’s efforts in Latin America. Mr. Quintanilla is a generous supporter of Johnson both with his time and resources. He has dedicated much of his philanthropy toward the development of student scholarship opportunities so that others can benefit from a Johnson MBA.

Award Recipients

  • 2022 Christine Monjer, MBA ’14
  • 2020: Laura E. Sandoval, MBA ’05
  • 2019: Eduardo Padilla Silva, MBA ’81
  • 2018: William J. Restrepo ’80, MBA ‘85
  • 2017: Adrienne Rose Martinez ’01, MBA ’08
  • 2016: Roberto Canizares M.’71, MBA ’74
  • 2015: Felipe Garza, MBA ‘80
  • 2014: Joseph Alvarado, MBA ’76
  • 2013: Luis Carlos Sarmiento, Jr. MBA ’85
  • 2012: Hernan J. F. Saenz, MBA ’98, MIL ’98
  • 2011: Carlos R. Quintanilla, MBA ’80
  • 2010: Inaugural Award Recipient: Ken Gurrola, MBA ’95

To nominate an alumna or alumnus for the Distinguished Latino Alumni Award, please fill out the online nomination form.