L. Joseph Thomas Leadership Award

The L. Joseph Thomas Leadership Award is a lifetime achievement award that recognizes alumni for their exceptional demonstration of vision and leadership, sound business sense, and commitment to community.

Award Recipients

Award Criteria

  • Lifetime achievement award that recognizes extraordinary alumni for their exceptional vision and leadership and a track record of sound business sense throughout their careers.
  • Award recognizes alumni who have made significant contributions to their communities, making a positive impact beyond their professional endeavors.
  • The award may be given to alumni who have assumed leadership roles and made unique and noteworthy contributions to their industry.
  • Service to Johnson as a volunteer and/or leader in engagement opportunities is not required.
  • Alumni are honored because of the significant impact their leadership has had on their industry and the broader community.
  • Consideration is given to the length and depth of the individual’s activities.
  • Honorees are chosen from candidates proposed by the Johnson community (alumni, faculty, and staff).
  • University Trustees are not eligible for consideration until they are no longer active members of the board.
  • A maximum of two awards may be presented annually, should qualified candidates be nominated.

To nominate an alumna or alumnus for the L. Joseph Thomas Leadership Award, please fill out the online nomination form.