Career Management Center (CMC) Engagement

Introduction to the Career Management Center

The mission of the Johnson Career Management Center (CMC) is to help students develop careers that will provide long-term satisfaction and growth, and to help companies identify candidates who can enhance and promote their success in the marketplace.

Top 10 Hiring Companies - Two-Year MBA Program

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Amazon Company Logo
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Citi Company Logo
McKinsey & Company, Company Logo
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PWC Company Logo
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2020/2021 New Recruiting Partnerships

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BNY Mellon Company Logo
Fiserv Company Logo
CAPCO Company Logo
Shopee Company Logo
ThermoFisher Company Logo
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3M Company Logo
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CMC-Sponsored Events by the Numbers

  • 352 corporate events*
  • 50 FT interview schedules
  • 147 intern interview schedules
  • 117 companies on campus**

*including CMC-led, offline, and multi-school webinars

**including multi-school event companies

In the 2020-2021 season, our CMC Advising Team held 81 workshops for our students, with topics ranging from interview preparedness, industry-specific recruiting, visas and work authorization, and more.

A sampling of companies that have recently hired our students:

blue circle logo for Proctor and Gamble

"MBA graduates from Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management have been a great fit at Procter & Gamble. Cornellians' blend of curiosity, strategic and analytical thinking, and commitment to using business to serve others aligns perfectly with P&G's dual goals of being a global force for good and growth. Hands-on learning opportunities like Johnson's immersion program combine with the school's strong curriculum and collaborative culture to give students the practical, theoretical, and interpersonal skills we look for in the next generation of P&G business leaders." -Alex Prounis, Brand Director

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