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Investment banking is a challenging, rewarding, and lucrative career, and the employment landscape is highly competitive. 

At the Johnson School, we surround students with a system of resources curated to help them succeed in recruiting and throughout their careers. The investment banking immersion at the Johnson School—part of our full-time MBA program—delivers the academic and practical expertise and experience you need to become a top banker in the industry.


Program Overview: What Is an Investment Banking Immersion (IBI)?

The investment banking immersion—a semester-long deep dive into the industry—builds upon the other strengths of our acclaimed Two-Year MBA program. Throughout the semester, you’ll learn from leading faculty members; work on live equity, fixed income, leveraged buy-outs, and mergers and acquisitions; be coached by top investment bankers; and practice pitching and positioning deals to public and private equity investors and corporate CEOs.

 Investment Banking Curriculum: What You Will Learn

The investment banking immersion consists of a carefully curated package of theory-based classes taught by award-winning academic faculty who are leaders in their research fields. The Investment Banking Immersion Practicum—the signature course within the IBI—serves as the connective tissue between established and cutting-edge academic theory and the real-world investment banking environment.

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For instance: Learning how to value a company is important; learning how to apply standard valuation techniques in the context of a live capital raising or preparing for a merger or acquisition deal is a key program differentiator that helps ensure Johnson School MBAs are the most-prepared students.

Cultivate and Strengthen Your Skills

Why investment banking for your MBA immersion? This in-depth program will build the specialized skills and knowledge you need to enter or advance in this lucrative finance field.

Strategic Advising

Develop the analytical and interpersonal skills required to help marquee clients make decisions that lead to growth in value.

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Capital Formation Advising

Build and leverage your expertise in capital markets and capital structure to help clients fund their businesses.


Merger and Acquisition Advising

Learn how to deploy your entire MBA skill set to help clients execute the most complex of all corporate activities—mergers and acquisitions.

Career Outcomes: Investment Banking Success

Our students secure coveted MBA investment banking internships at prestigious banks and financial firms, ultimately paving the way for successful careers at the top names in the industry.

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Immersion Highlights: Standing Out in the Field

We’re proud of our program and its people. The investment banking immersion continues to stand out in the business community.

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No. 3 for Placement

Poets & Quants ranked Cornell Johnson’s investment banking immersion one of the top for career placement.

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85% of Internships Lead to Full-Time Offers

An overwhelming majority of participants convert their internship placements into full-time jobs.

What Investment Banking Immersion Students Say

The investment banking immersion prepares students for success during the program and beyond. Explore what students have to say about their experience in the immersion.

Matt Nardini

MBA ’24
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
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Biography for Matt Nardini

“The investment banking immersion (IBI) is one of the most valuable opportunities available to Johnson [School] students, and I believe is what sets the Johnson [School] apart from other “finance” schools, as it allows students to practice the theories and concepts learned in class on real-world transactions being evaluated by the investment banking community.” —Matt Nardini MBA ’24

Ernest Mintah

MBA ’24
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
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Biography for Ernest Mintah

“I wanted an MBA that did not just rely on its brand to facilitate its recruiting outcomes but rather an established effective training program for its students and to that end I have been impressed by how tailored and practical the investment banking curriculum has been here at Johnson.” —Ernest Mintah MBA ’24

Patience Mukandi

MBA ’24
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
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Biography for Patience Mukandi

“Having only worked in Zimbabwe before, I was anxious about the thought of working in the biggest capital markets on deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The immersion is a good way of transitioning into the world of investment banking as it simulates the market experience in a judgment-free zone.” —Patience Mukandi MBA ’24

Frank Hager

MBA ’24
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
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Biography for Frank Hager

“The collaborative nature of the Johnson MBA is evident throughout our Investment Banking Immersion. The majority of our learning comes outside of the classroom as we prepare presentations and slide decks while learning from our teammates' collective experiences.” —Frank Hager MBA ’24

Lenna Ohanesian

MBA ’24
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
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Biography for Lenna Ohanesian

“The immersion is helping me develop a point of view on different deals and creating a narrative around if a deal makes sense or not. As a banker, you are a storyteller. With each case that we take on in the immersion, I continuously improve on developing a story around the rationale of a deal. I believe you ultimately develop a point of view by working on these kinds of deals, so the experience the immersion gives us is what really sets Johnson [School] students apart when they show up for their internships.” —Lenna Ohanesian MBA ’24

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Continuing Your Specialized Learning: Opportunities across the College

With the investment banking immersion, you’ll get a semester dedicated to in-depth learning. But throughout your two years in the MBA program, you’ll have other ways to boost your banking acumen.

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Areas of Focus: Choosing a Specialty

During your second year in the MBA program, you’ll have the option to choose an area of focus, including investment banking, asset management/investment research, or private equity and venture capital. Through nine elective credits, you’ll continue to build specialized knowledge and set yourself up for career success

Explore Focus Areas

Clubs and Organizations: Getting Involved

The Johnson School Two-Year MBA is full of extracurricular opportunities, including organizations that will allow you to grow your investment banking skills—and your professional network.

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Old Ezra Finance Club

Make connections as part of the oldest and largest network for banking professionals on campus, named for the founder of Cornell University.


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Johnson Private Equity & Credit Club

Explore specialized aspects of the field such as hedge funds, impact investing, and venture capital.


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Investment Management Club

Find training opportunities and recruitment assistance as you prepare for careers in investment management and financial research.


Next Steps: Applying to the Johnson School

If you’re interested in leveraging all the Johnson School has to offer as you pursue a career in investment banking, we encourage you to apply to our two-year MBA program today.