Investment Banking

Investment Banking Immersion (IBI)

Providing real-world investment banking experience to students in an academic environment.


Analyzing actual transactions and developing new business pitches for CEOs are just two of the many ways that students apply the practices they learn through the IBI immersion. Students acquire a unique, firsthand, and comprehensive understanding of the investment banking industry, along with a range of technical skills that position them for success and set them apart from their peers.

Curriculum Details

Students enrolled in this immersion will have the opportunity to learn from first-rate faculty, visit Wall Street firms, analyze landmark transactions, get advice from senior clients, and be coached and critiqued by top investment bankers, week in and week out, for a full semester. IBI’s dynamic curriculum includes:

  • IBI Practicum
  • Theory-based courses in accounting, modeling, operations, and analytics
  • Electives such as valuation, governance, financial policy, restructuring tax, and more

Key Skills Developed

The investment banking immersion cultivates and strengthens your skillsets with a special focus on:

  • Advising corporate clients
  • Raising capital
  • Conducting merger and acquisition activity

Career Outcomes

Investment banking students secure MBA internships and full-time employment at prestigious banks and financial institutions.

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  • Poets & Quants ranked Johnson’s investment banking immersion (IBI) #3 in investment banking placement.
  • Eighty-five percent of our students convert their internships into full-time offers—significantly higher than the “street” average conversion rate of 70 percent.
  • Nearly all IBI participants receive summer associate internship offers in investment banking.

Clubs & Associations

As you take your career to the next level, you will develop, and sharpen your skills through Johnson’s Investment Banking Immersion and affiliated professional clubs that lay a strong foundation for your continued success.

Old Ezra Finance Club

Enhance interview skills, meet alumni, and build your professional network among the world’s largest banks. Old Ezra, named after Ezra Cornell –the founder of Cornell University– represents Johnson’s oldest and largest network for banking professionals and will help you excel while recruiting.

Old Ezra Finance Club

Johnson Private Equity & Credit Club

Gain exposure to private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and impact investing through the Johnson Private Equity & Credit Club where you will put real-world context to more specialized aspects of financial markets.

Johnson Private Equity & Credit Club

Investment Management Club

Gain educational training and recruitment help for investment management and research positions at investment banks, asset management firms, mutual funds, and hedge funds.

Investment Management Club

Investment Banking Immersion BusinessFeed

Plates of food on a table
May 23, 2019

Grubhub and Groupon: What if they merged?

Bryan Burroughs, Two-Year MBA ’20, reflects on teaming up with classmates to solve a real-world business scenario for the Investment Banking Immersion.

Students working together
April 5, 2019

IBI case: To LBO or not to LBO, that was the question

Christina Park, MBA ’02, of RBC Capital Markets was the special guest for the Investment Banking immersion analysis on a potential LBO target.

March 26, 2019

Re-energizing P&G’s bottom line with the IBI’s Duracell case study

The Investment Banking Immersion (IBI) hosted Procter & Gamble CFO Jon Moeller to discuss approaches to corporate strategy.

Investment Banking Immersion Handout

Investment Banking Immersion Handout

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