Endowed and Annual Scholarships

Our donors allow the Admissions & Financial Aid office to identify and reward outstanding students who, we believe, will be an asset to Johnson.

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship or adding to one, please contact:

Ben Davis '88
Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs and Development

Johnson Scholarships

  • Albert Fried, Jr. Fellowships
  • Alvarez Family Trust Professional Scholarship
  • Andrew and Amy Horrocks Professional Scholarship
  • Angear European Scholarships
  • Ann and Robert Calkins Family Graduate Scholarship
  • Antonio M. Alvarez III Scholarship
  • Arthur Snyder Family Fellowship
  • Beatrice R. Kanders Memorial Scholarship
  • Boda Charitable Star Trust Scholarship
  • Bunson Family Goldman Sachs Graduate Scholarship
    Byron E. Grote, MS '77, PHD '81 Johnson Professional Scholarship
  • Byron Roth MBA '87 Professional Scholarship
  • Carlos and Clara Quintanilla Fellowship
  • Carrie Chiang and Ting Family Fellowship
  • Cayuga MBA Fund Scholarship
  • Christopher Ciafardini Memorial Scholarship
  • Christopher T. Emmet Scholarship
  • Chu Family Scholarship
  • Chul-Joon Park ’88 Graduate Scholarship
  • Class of 1958 Scholarship
  • Class of 1969 Scholarship in Honor of Professor Jerry Hass
  • Class of 1974 Scholarship
  • Class of 2001 International Scholarship
  • Class of 2005 Scholarship in Memory of Tiffany Burns
  • Curtis W. Tarr Scholarship Fund
  • David A. and Sandra L. Yeater Scholarship
  • Dino and Julie Trevisani Graduate Fellowship
  • Duncan and Gail Russell Graduate Fellowship
  • Edward R. Novicky Scholarship Fund
  • Edward S. Flash Jr. School of Management Memorial
  • Eiko and Sudi Mariappa Scholarship
  • Emma & Joseph Cherian Scholarship
  • Eric H. Beringause Scholarship
  • Frederick T. Bent Memorial Scholarship
  • Garza Garcia Family Fellowship
  • George & Priscilla Slocum Scholarship
  • George D. and Douglas F. Hano Scholarship
  • George D. and Karen S. Levy Fellowship
  • Girish Reddy Ezra Cornell Scholarship
  • Glenn and Shirley Sacra Scholarship
  • Greenhill Corporation Endowed Scholarship
  • Greg Dollarhyde Fellowship
  • Gunnar S. Overstrom, Jr. Graduate Fellowship
  • H. L. Tower Scholarship
  • H. Stanley Krusen Scholarship
  • Henry and Marcelle Morgenthau Fellowships
  • Herman Roseman Memorial Scholarship
    Horrocks Family Scholarship
  • Howard J. Golden and Family Fellowship
    Indira Narayana & Narayana Mariappa Professional Scholarship at Johnson
  • International Scholarship for Management Students
  • J. Squire Junger Scholarship
  • J.P. Morgan Chase Endowed Scholarship
  • James A. and Candy Romine Belasco Scholarship
  • James E. and Faith Morrow Graduate Fellowship
  • James L. and Maria A. Hudak Scholarship
  • James, Earle and Scott Weaver Scholarship
  • Jan Suwinski Professional Scholarship
  • Jeanne Herron Linderman '53 Veterans Scholarship
  • Johnson Class of 2004 Scholarship
  • Johnson Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Johnson School of Management Endowed Scholarship
  • Jonas Weil Entrepreneurial Fellowship
  • Kathryn A. Smith Scholarship
  • Ki Kon Chai MBA ’57 Graduate Scholarship
  • L. Joseph Thomas International Scholarship
  • Laurence A. Tisch Memorial Scholarship
  • Lee and Swaminathan Fellowship
  • Lee Family Scholarship
  • Lester B. Knight Scholarships
    Luisa M. Velasquez MBA '12 Memorial Scholarship
  • Marilyn Smith Tarr Scholarship
  • Melvin G. de Chazeau Scholarship
  • Menahem and Claire Mansoor Scholarship
  • Michael J. Bachich Fellowship
  • Michael R. Riordan Memorial Scholarship
  • Michael Thomas Torphy Memorial Scholarship
  • Neal Dow Becker Memorial Scholarships
  • Nell Oliver Thomas and Duncan Thomas Graduate Fellowship
  • Osamu Sasaki Scholarship
    Paul J. Gerwin '51, MBA '52 Memorial Professional Scholarship
  • Paul J. Regan Scholarship
  • Peter and Stephanie Nolan Veterans Scholarship
  • Peter Hopkins Memorial Scholarship
  • Prescott C. Miller Scholarship
  • Prometheus Scholarship
  • Raj Davé '13 Professional Scholarship
  • Randall C. Chafetz Graduate Fellowship
  • Randolph & Robert Roshirt Ezra Cornell Scholarship
  • Raymond H. & Lotte J. Potter Scholarship
  • Richard and Karen Bulman Scholarship
  • Richard J. Reynolds, Sr. Scholarship
  • Robert and Elaine Holzman Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Robert and Laura Andolina Graduate Fellowship
  • Robert M. and Carol Colby Tanenbaum Scholarship
  • Roma Family Scholarship
  • Ruth and Morris Abner Scholarship
  • Sarah L. (Sally) Merten Scholarship
  • Sheila Kenyon Memorial Scholarship
  • Shyam and Julie Venkat Fellowship
  • Sofia Garza Memorial Scholarship
  • Spencer Stuart and Associates Scholarship
  • Steven H. Brooks MBA’74 Memorial Fellowship
  • Steven Shindler and Mary Kay Kosnik Fellowship
  • Strategic Operations Scholarship
  • Sylvia F. and Malcolm K. Fowler Scholarship
  • Symington Family Professional Scholarship
  • Thomas R. and Ann P. Dyckman Scholarship
  • Thomas R. Dyckman Fellowship
  • Tompkins Trust (W.H. Burns) Scholarship
  • Veterans Graduate Scholarship
  • Walter C. Teagle Memorial Scholarship
  • Wells Family Graduate Fellowship
  • William S. Smith Scholarship
  • Wurzel Family Scholarship