Cornell Now

Most alumni say we've had a hand in their success - sometimes a huge hand. Our ability to deliver a highly relevant, cutting-edge education to the next generation of leaders depends upon Johnson having a strong financial foundation.

We are under endowed compared to peer competitive schools.

Here are our most urgent needs:

  • We must compete for top students. Other premier schools often court our first-choice applicants with generous stipends. We need more scholarships.
  • We are in a race for exceptional faculty. A wave of retirements is occurring here and nationwide, and the pool of select candidates to replace them is small. We need more endowed positions to attract and retain quality faculty. 
  • We generate leading-edge knowledge through powerful collaborations across Cornell and with industry partners. We need restricted and current use funding to maintain and promote our centers and institutes of excellence.

Your support of the Cornell Campaign will help us obtain the financial resources we need to achieve our aspirations. Your gifts also will have an enduring impact on the next generation of leaders who will shape the world we share.

Sean B. Scanlon, Associate Dean
Alumni Affairs & Development
Johnson Graduate School of Management
Office: (607) 255-9444
Mobile: (607) 279-0091