Endowed and Annual Scholarships

A percentage of Johnson scholarship funding is possible due to the generosity of our alumni, corporate partners and individual donors.

Our donors allow the Admissions & Financial Aid office to identify and reward outstanding students who, we believe, will be an asset to Johnson.

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship or adding to one, please contact:

Ben Davis '88
Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs and Development


Johnson Scholarships

Albert Fried, Jr. Fellowships
Alvarez Family Trust Professional Scholarship
Andrew and Amy Horrocks Professional Scholarship
Angear European Scholarships
Ann and Robert Calkins Family Graduate Scholarship
Antonio M. Alvarez III Scholarship
Arthur Snyder Family Fellowship
Beatrice R. Kanders Memorial Scholarship
Boda Charitable Star Trust Scholarship
Bunson Family Goldman Sachs Graduate Scholarship
Byron E. Grote, MS '77, PHD '81 Johnson Professional Scholarship
Byron Roth MBA '87 Professional Scholarship
Carlos and Clara Quintanilla Fellowship
Carrie Chiang and Ting Family Fellowship
Cayuga MBA Fund Scholarship
Christopher Ciafardini Memorial Scholarship
Christopher T. Emmet Scholarship
Chu Family Scholarship
Chul-Joon Park ’88 Graduate Scholarship
Class of 1958 Scholarship
Class of 1969 Scholarship in Honor of Professor Jerry Hass
Class of 1974 Scholarship
Class of 2001 International Scholarship
Class of 2005 Scholarship in Memory of Tiffany Burns
Curtis W. Tarr Scholarship Fund
David A. and Sandra L. Yeater Scholarship
Dino and Julie Trevisani Graduate Fellowship
Duncan and Gail Russell Graduate Fellowship
Edward R. Novicky Scholarship Fund
Edward S. Flash Jr. School of Management Memorial
Eiko and Sudi Mariappa Scholarship
Emma & Joseph Cherian Scholarship
Eric H. Beringause Scholarship
Frederick T. Bent Memorial Scholarship
Garza Garcia Family Fellowship
George & Priscilla Slocum Scholarship
George D. and Douglas F. Hano Scholarship
George D. and Karen S. Levy Fellowship
Girish Reddy Ezra Cornell Scholarship
Glenn and Shirley Sacra Scholarship
Greenhill Corporation Endowed Scholarship
Greg Dollarhyde Fellowship
Gunnar S. Overstrom, Jr. Graduate Fellowship
H. L. Tower Scholarship
H. Stanley Krusen Scholarship
Henry and Marcelle Morgenthau Fellowships
Herman Roseman Memorial Scholarship
Horrocks Family Scholarship
Howard J. Golden and Family Fellowship
Indira Narayana & Narayana Mariappa Professional Scholarship at Johnson
International Scholarship for Management Students
J. Squire Junger Scholarship
J.P. Morgan Chase Endowed Scholarship
James A. and Candy Romine Belasco Scholarship
James E. and Faith Morrow Graduate Fellowship
James L. and Maria A. Hudak Scholarship
James, Earle and Scott Weaver Scholarship
Jan Suwinski Professional Scholarship
Jeanne Herron Linderman '53 Veterans Scholarship
Johnson Class of 2004 Scholarship
Johnson Endowed Scholarship Fund
Johnson School of Management Endowed Scholarship
Jonas Weil Entrepreneurial Fellowship
Kathryn A. Smith Scholarship
Ki Kon Chai MBA ’57 Graduate Scholarship
L. Joseph Thomas International Scholarship
Laurence A. Tisch Memorial Scholarship
Lee and Swaminathan Fellowship
Lee Family Scholarship
Lester B. Knight Scholarships
Luisa M. Velasquez MBA '12 Memorial Scholarship
Marilyn Smith Tarr Scholarship
Melvin G. de Chazeau Scholarship
Menahem and Claire Mansoor Scholarship
Michael J. Bachich Fellowship
Michael R. Riordan Memorial Scholarship
Michael Thomas Torphy Memorial Scholarship
Neal Dow Becker Memorial Scholarships
Nell Oliver Thomas and Duncan Thomas Graduate Fellowship
Osamu Sasaki Scholarship
Paul J. Gerwin '51, MBA '52 Memorial Professional Scholarship
Paul J. Regan Scholarship
Peter and Stephanie Nolan Veterans Scholarship
Peter Hopkins Memorial Scholarship
Prescott C. Miller Scholarship
Prometheus Scholarship
Raj Davé '13 Professional Scholarship
Randall C. Chafetz Graduate Fellowship
Randolph & Robert Roshirt Ezra Cornell Scholarship
Raymond H. & Lotte J. Potter Scholarship
Richard and Karen Bulman Scholarship
Richard J. Reynolds, Sr. Scholarship
Robert and Elaine Holzman Scholarship Endowment Fund
Robert and Laura Andolina Graduate Fellowship
Robert M. and Carol Colby Tanenbaum Scholarship
Roma Family Scholarship
Ruth and Morris Abner Scholarship
Sarah L. (Sally) Merten Scholarship
Sheila Kenyon Memorial Scholarship
Shyam and Julie Venkat Fellowship
Sofia Garza Memorial Scholarship
Spencer Stuart and Associates Scholarship
Steven H. Brooks MBA’74 Memorial Fellowship
Steven Shindler and Mary Kay Kosnik Fellowship
Strategic Operations Scholarship
Sylvia F. and Malcolm K. Fowler Scholarship
Symington Family Professional Scholarship
Thomas R. and Ann P. Dyckman Scholarship
Thomas R. Dyckman Fellowship
Tompkins Trust (W.H. Burns) Scholarship
Veterans Graduate Scholarship
Walter C. Teagle Memorial Scholarship
Wells Family Graduate Fellowship
William S. Smith Scholarship
Wurzel Family Scholarship