Alumni Events

For more information contact the Alumni Affairs Office at: 1-800-847-2082, ext. 2 or

10/23/2018   7:00pm

SC Johnson College of Business Thought Leader Event in Mexico City

Piso 51

10/24/2018   7:00pm

SC Johnson College of Business Thought Leader Event in Monterrey

Club de Industriales

10/24/2018   7:00pm

2018 Families in Business Conference

Statler Hotel

10/27/2018   9:00am

Johnson Diversity Symposium 2018

Sage Hall

11/5/2018   8:00am

Johnson School Advisory Council Meeting

Breazzano Center for Family Business Education

11/9/2018   8:00am

2018 Annual Emerging Markets Institute Conference: Emerging Markets Reshaping Globalization

Bloomberg Center on Roosevelt Island, Cornell Tech Campus

11/14/2018   6:30pm

Johnson Club of the Finger Lakes Annual Predictions Dinner


12/13/2018   5:30pm

Cornell Friends and Family Neighborhood Gathering

Cornell Johnson NYC Space on West 57th, Room 201

1/21/2019   6:30pm

Johnson Club of the Bay Area Annual Predictions Event


1/24/2019   6:30pm

Johnson Club of Seattle Annual Predictions Event


2/12/2019   6:30pm

Johnson Club of Southern California Predictions Event


3/20/2019   6:00pm

Johnson Club of Charlotte Thought Leader Event


5/20/2019   1:00pm

Johnson Club of Boston Annual Predictions Event