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3/30/2015   8:00pm

Johnson Israel Trek Happy Hour


4/1/2015   7:00pm

Johnson Colombia Trek Alumni and Student Networking Event

Club Colombia

4/7/2015   7:00pm

Class of 2015 Giving Campaign Kickoff


4/15/2015   6:00pm

Big Red Venture 15th Anniversary Reception

Statler Hotel

4/22/2015   6:00pm

Johnson Club of Rochester Guest Speaker Event

Harter Secrest and Emery

4/22/2015   6:00pm

Johnson Thought Leader Series - Internet of Things

Deloitte HQ

4/24/2015   8:00am

Cornell Charter Day Weekend

Ithaca, NY

4/30/2015   5:00pm

Johnson Advisory Council Meeting


5/1/2015   6:00pm

Johnson Annual Alumni Recognition and Celebration Dinner

583 Park Avenue

5/18/2015   12:00pm

Make it Count! - Finger Lakes Wine Tours

5/23/2015   12:00pm

Fifth Annual Leadership Trek


6/5/2015   12:00pm

Reunion Weekend: 5's and 0's

Ithaca, NY

9/18/2015   8:00am

Cornell University Homecoming Weekend

Ithaca, NY

9/19/2015   12:00pm

First Annual Peru Leadership Trek

10/15/2015   4:00pm

Johnson Advisory Council Meeting

Sage Hall

10/22/2015   10:00am

Cornell Trustee-Council Annual Meeting

Ithaca, NY



    JUNE 4 - 7


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