Business Simulation Lab

Welcome to the Debra Paget and Jeffrey Berg Business Simulation Laboratory

The Lab's mission is to facilitate data-driven behavioral research to advance the study of complex decision making and influence innovation in problem solving and business model development.

The Lab principally serves SC Johnson College of Business faculty, graduate students, and postdocs, but also offers opportunities to undergraduates and staff, and is open to the whole Cornell campus.

SC Johnson College of Business researchers use lab resources to study behavioral science and decision research in various areas of business, including accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and organizational behavior. For more detail, visit our Research page.

Participate in a Study

We welcome all Cornell students and staff to participate in Lab studies.

Ori Heffetz, Assistant Professor of Economics

I regularly use the BSL for conducting experiments because it is a professional lab with a very large pool of potential student-participants, and a great team runs it. In the past few years I’ve conducted experiments with more than a thousand students, studying various topics in economics and psychology.

Manoj Thomas, Associate Professor of Marketing

Controlled experiments are very useful in generating consumer insights. The BSL offers Johnson faculty the opportunity to run controlled experiments.