For Participants

The BSL invites anyone with connection to Cornell University or Ithaca to participate in our research. Studies run the gamut, from five minutes to over an hour, online or in the lab. You may be asked to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and make business decisions, negotiate contract terms with other participants, rate consumer goods, or take part in a wine tasting focus group. All studies pay cash, online cash transfer, or gift card or prize lottery. Students in certain classes can also earn extra credit.

Students and Staff

All members of the Cornell community can sign up for an account at Johnson Sona Systems, our online research management system. Use your email address and Net ID as your username to request an account. To hear about paid studies choose “Paid” and “Online” studies from the course list. Signing up doesn’t commit you to anything except receiving regular emails about ongoing studies. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Ithaca Community Members

Ithacans that do not work or study at Cornell, or have a email address, can sign up to hear about focus group and other studies. Please complete this two-minute survey with your email address and some information about yourself. We will email at most a few times per semester to recruit you to well-paid studies on campus.

SC Johnson College of Business Alumni

JCB graduates can stay connected by helping faculty understand how business professionals make decisions. Share your valuable experience and support JCB research by taking this two-to-three minute survey. We will email you with online studies at most once per quarter, but probably less. To learn more, read about it on the Johnson Business Feed.

Research Assistance

Another way students can get involved is to apply to become a paid lab Research Assistant. RAs work closely with professors, running studies and performing research tasks. Students can gauge interest in graduate studies or a business career. Apply by email at the beginning of fall or summer.

For more information, contact