Lab Services

A full-time lab manager maintains a research suite in Sage Hall; coordinates and runs in-lab and online studies; hires and trains paid research assistants; and consults on research projects. The lab manager is also available to assist with bespoke research support—including: specialized panels, longitudinal studies, and programming challenges. To contact the lab about your research needs, please refer to the Submit a Research Support/Study Request page.

Primary lab services are highlighted below:

Study Administration:
Within the physical lab space, researchers can run computer-based experiments, interviews and focus groups. In addition, the lab has a plethora of software and hardware services available to its researchers.  Please refer to the Lab Facilities page for physical lab space information and a list of available software/hardware.

In addition to running in-person, behavioral studies within the lab, researchers can also use the lab to run studies online. Through the lab, researchers can run studies using online subject pools including Amazon Mechanical Turk, Prolific Academic, and Qualtrics Panels.

Participant Pools:
For campus and online research, researchers can access two local participant pools. The main pool is in Johnson Sona Systems with 5,000 participants, all Cornell affiliated. This pool has mostly undergraduate students; many graduate students and Cornell alumni. A separate Ithaca Community Pool consists of 400 locals interested in participating in higher-paid lab studies, like focus groups, or online research.

Research Assistants:
The lab hires and trains paid research assistants (RAs) to help with research support services. Researchers pay RAs the New York state minimum wage rate out of their individual research budgets. Primary RA services include:

  • Run in-lab studies
  • Run field studies and table
  • Perform data coding and analysis tasks for professors and PhD students
  • Create Qualtrics surveys based on templates
  • Test and pilot studies and provide feedback
  • Program in R, Stata, Matlab, Java, Python and other languages to perform research-related tasks like scraping