Lab Facilities

The Business Simulation Lab is located in Sage Hall.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory offers two different room arrangements to accompany varying experiment sizes and types. Set up as one, large room, the lab houses twenty networked personal computers for study participants. Divided into two separate rooms, the east side of the lab holds twelve personal computers, and the west side has eight.

Each personal computer station offers participants privacy with removable dividers between stations. Other rooms that are available to researchers in the BSL include:

  • Sage 120C, a small room often used for small group experiments or focus groups.  
  • Sage 128 and 130, two small focus group or interview rooms.

To request lab space, please email the BSL Administrator


BSL computers are equipped with sophisticated software that allows researchers to study decisions in highly complex, interactive environments, simulating real-world business conditions.

BSL software often used in experiments includes z-Tree, Qualtrics, DirectRT, and MediaLab. Other BSL software offerings include Qmarket and Qform, which have been largely developed internally by Robert Bloomfield, Nicholas H. Noyes Professor of Management and Professor of Accounting, Donald Honeycutt, initial BSL programmer, and Tony Lednor, former BSL Technology Director.  

The BSL has twenty-one networked computers. Twenty of the machines are for participant use, while one acts as a fileserver for conducting networked experiments.

The BSL also offers other hardware accessories for experiments, including headphones, video cameras, tripods, televisions, video editing equipment, and two Q-sensors to monitor physiological responses to stimuli.