Advisory Council

The Johnson Advisory Council is an engaged body of alumni, friends, and school leadership.

Its mission is to provide guidance, financial support, and assistance to promote the objectives and strategic goals of the school. More than 45 alumni of Johnson and Cornell University serve on this council, which meets twice a year.


  • Open communication to the Dean, faculty, staff, and students of Johnson with respect to the interests and concerns of Johnson alumni and friends worldwide
  • Annual financial support to the University at a level commensurate with one’s capacity, with a meaningful portion of such support designated to Johnson
  • Assistance in the implementation of strategic goals of the School, when appropriate


The Johnson Advisory Council comprises 45 members, who typically are appointed to four-year terms. The council has two standing committees:

Executive Committee

  • Marc Reisch ’77, MBA ’78, Chair
  • Ben Davis ’88, Alumni Affairs and Development, is primary liaison to the chair and members of the Executive Committee.

Nominating Committee

  • Katherine Ward Feld, MBA ’82, JD ’83, Co-chair
  • Byron Roth, MBA ’87, Co-chair
  • Ben Davis ’88, Alumni Affairs and Development, is primary liaison to the chair and members of the Nominating Committee.

How can I serve?

Johnson Advisory Council members are invited to serve through a formal nominating process managed by the nominating committee, review by the executive committee, and appointment by the dean of Johnson and the chair of the Advisory Council.

In considering potential members, the nominating committee seeks to insure the following:

  • That there is a consistent and dynamic slate of candidates for the Advisory Council.
  • That the membership of the Advisory Council will be representative of the alumni body.
  • That candidates recommended by the committee for council membership have the potential to provide exemplary service to the overall goals and objectives of Johnson and the mission of the Advisory Council.

The nominating process:

  • The nominating committee solicits council members, faculty, and staff of Johnson, and staff of the university’s alumni affairs and development unit for nominations to the Advisory Council.
  • The nominating committee presents a final slate of nominees to the executive committee for review and approval.
  • The dean of Johnson and the chair of the Advisory Council personally extend offers of membership.

To learn more about Advisory Council membership, qualifications, and responsibilities, contact Ben Davis ’88, Alumni Affairs and Development.