Advisory Council Members

Current Members

Joe Alvarado, MBA ’76

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Company: Commercial Metals Company, Dallas, Texas

Antonio M. Alvarez III, MBA '91

Company: Alvarez & Marsal Europe, Ltd.

Michael E. Anderson, ’77

Company: President, Cunningham Broadcasting CEO, iPORT Media
Senior Advisor, Waller Capital

John V. Balen, BS Eng ’82, MBA ‘86

Company: General Partner, Canaan Partners

Brit J. Bartter, MS ’76, PhD ’77

Company: Vice Chairman of JPMorgan’s Investment Bank

David J. Breazzano, MBA ’80

Company: Co-founder, President and Chief Investment Officer of DDJ Capital Management, LLC

Lauren J. Brisky, MBA ’75

Company: President, Cunningham Broadcasting CEO, iPORT Media
Senior Advisor, Waller Capital

Steven M. Bunson, MBA ’84

Company: Partner Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Edward T. Calkins, MBA ’94

Company: Partner, RGM Capital, LLC

Ann E. Darby, MBA ’79

Ex-Officio, Class Program Representative

Dan Friedberg, MBA ’87

Company: Managing Partner at Hampstead Park Capital Management

Katherine P. Ward Feld, Esq., MBA ’82, JD ’83

Company: Senior Counsel, US Securities & Exchange Commission, Short Hills, New Jersey

Patrick S. George, MBA '13

Ex-Officio, Young Alumni Representative

Linda Giuliano, MBA ’02

Company: CAO for the Equities Division at AllianceBernstein

Geoffrey Lim, MBA ’00

Company: Managing Director, Invesco

Sudesh N. Mariappa ’82, MBA ’86

Amane Nakashima, MBA ’89

Company: President of Nakashimato Co.
Chairman of Kewpie Corp.

Alok Oberoi ’86 SHA, MBA ’87

Company: Co-founder ACPI Investments Limited

Roy H. Park Jr., MBA ’63

Company: President and CEO, Park Outdoor Advertising of New York , Inc.
President and chairman, Triad Foundation, Inc.
Vice-Chairman and Director, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plan Research Inc.

Marmeline Petion-Midy ’95, MBA ’00

Company: Vice President, LFO US Marketing at American Express

Dana L. Price, MBA ’11

Company: CFO, Kenzie Academy

Carlos R. Quintanilla, MBA ’80

Company: President and Owner of Quintanilla, Hache y Asociados (QHYA)

Marc L. Reisch ’77, MBA ’78

Company: President, and CEO of Visant Corporation

Barry W. Ridings, MBA ’76

Company: Managing Director and Vice Chairman of U.S. Investment Banking of Lazard Freres & Co. LLC.

Rene Robert ’90, MBA ’95

Company: CEO, Chairman and Founder of Advantage Data

Byron C. Roth, MBA ’87

Company: Chairman and CEO of ROTH Capital Partners, LLC.

William J. Restrepo, ’80 BA, MBA ’95

Company: Chief Financial Officer of Nabors Industries

Julien Ruggieri, MBA ’05

Company: President of Batipart International

Demir Sabanci, MBA ’99

Company: President and Chairman, Sedes Holding, Levent-Istanbul, Turkey

Luis Carlos Sarmiento, MBA ’85

Company: President and CEO of Colombia’s Grupo Aval S.A.

Rebecca Shaghalian Larkin, MBA ’98

Company: Co-head of the North American Equity Derivative Sales business for the Securities Division

Stephen M. Smith, ’92 BA, MBA ’95

Company: CEO of Intellispark,
Chair of the national board at College Possible
Member of the board of the National College Access Network

Arthur Snyder III, MBA ’79, MEng ’80

Company: President and Chairman of the Board of A.M. Best Company, Inc.

Robert T. Symington, MBA ’92

Company: Senior Advisor at Avenue Capital Group

Michael H. Train, MBA ‘91

Company: President, Emerson Automation Solutions

Dino Trevisani, MBA ’09

Company: President, IBM Canada Ltd.

Shyam Venkat, MBA ’85

Company: Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Mark L. Wilson ’79, MBA ’80

Ex-Officio, Dean’s Leadership Council – Chair

Emeritus Members

Hirschel B. Abelson ’55, MBA ’56

John Edward Alexander ’74, MBA ’76

Randy Lee Allen ’68

Thomas R. Angear, MBA ’63

Jeffrey F. Berg ’79, MEng ’80, MBA ’81

Robert T. Blakely III ’64, MBA ’65

Jay R. Bloom ’77, MBA ’78

Douglas B. Brent, MBA ’86

Randolph B. Brown ’84, MEng ’85, MBA ’86

Richard D. Bulman ’56, MBA ’57

Nell Cady-Kruse ’84, MBA ’85

Anand Chandrasekher ’86, ME ’87, MBA ’88

Randall C. Chafetz, MBA ’85

Michael E. Chen, MBA ’85

Joseph Cherian, PhD ’93

Roderick G. W. Chu, MBA ’71

Robert A. Cowie ’56, MBA ’57

Greg M. Crowe ’62, MBA ’63

Michel-Marc Delcommune, MBA ’76

Kenneth T. Derr ’58, MBA ’60

Robert R. Dyson ’68, MBA ’74

Lewis M. Eisenberg, MBA ’66

Anne Evans Estabrook ’65, MBA ’66

Mary C. Falvey ’63

Lisa K. Fernow ’79, MBA ’84

Jack M. Ferraro, MBA ’70

Albert Fried Jr ’52, MBA ’53

Albert Fried Jr ’52, MBA ’53

Byron E. Grote ’76, PHD ’81

James N. Hauslein ’81, MBA ’84

R. Douglas Henderson, ’80, MBA ’88

Daniel R. Hesse, MBA’77

Jane M. Hutterly, MBA ’76

Charles L. Jarvie ’58, MBA ’59

H. Fisk Johnson, ’79, MEng ’80, MS ’82, MBA ’84, PhD ’86

J. Michael Johnston, MBA ’89

Jeffrey Marx Kabel, MBA ’97

Karen Rupert Keating ’76

William J. Kidd ’63, MBA ’64

Ronald E. Kramer, MBA ’57

Alan M. Krause ’52, MBA ’53

Eli Manchester Jr ’53

Richard A. Marin ’75, MBA ’76

William H. McAleer ’73, MBA ’75

Thomas H. Mulligan ’73, MBA ’77

John P. Neafsey ’62, MBA ’63

Frank J. O ‘Connell ’65, MBA ’66

J. Roger O’Neil, MBA ’61

Jeffrey P. Parker ’65, MEng ’66, MBA ’70

Robert D. Redmond, MBA’80

Henry P. Renard ’54, MBA ’55

Eugene A. Renna, MBA ’68

Meredith Ryan-Reid, MBA ’07

Hernan Saenz, MBA ’98, MILR ’98

Nelson Schaenen, Jr ’50, MBA ’51

Helen Shan, MBA ’93

Richard Gordon Schneider ’70

Rick G. Sherlund ’77, MBA ’78

George S. Slocum ’62, MBA ’67

Robert W. Staley ’57, BME’58, MBA’59

Patricia Carry Stewart ’50

Jan H. Suwinski ’64, MBA ’65

Paul R. Tregurtha ’58

Karel C. Vinck, MBA ’71

Jeffery J. Weaver ’86, MBA ’90

Sanford I. Weill ’55

Joseph T. Wilson, Jr., MBA ’86