For Students

The BSL Offers Students Unique Opportunities

The BSL functions as an advanced learning center for students who participate in studies. From doctoral students who run experiments, to undergraduates who participate in studies, all students gain from involvement in the BSL.

One of the distinct benefits of attending a research-centered institution is having the opportunity to participate in industry-leading research and affect results. Students can earn extra credit points to use toward course grades in classes that offer extra credit, or they can choose to receive cash for participating in studies.

Students can get involved with the BSL in varying degrees, including:

  • Becoming a participant in studies and earning cash or extra credit for participating 
  • Working as a Research Assistant and assisting doctoral students and faculty in running experiments 
  • Gaining exposure to research-oriented work and gauging their own interest in pursuing a certain field as a potential career path 
  • Working with researchers to understand how the scope of a study is defined, participants are used, data is collected, and results are analyzed 

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Participate in a Study

Cornell Undergrad, Grad and PhD Students Earn Cash or Extra Credit Points