Research Assistants


The lab hires and trains paid research assistants (RAs) that can help with most research support services:

  • Run in-lab studies
  • Run field studies and table
  • Perform data coding and analysis tasks
  • Program in R, Stata, Matlab, Java, Python and other languages
  • Create Qualtrics surveys based on templates
  • Test and pilot studies and provide feedback

Researchers pay RAs $12/hour for lab and technical work, and are encouraged to invest time in training to enhance the RA’s experience and work performance.

Email Brad Turner at with any research need. He will pair you up with a RA or hire someone to meet your needs. You can also request the lab to hire a RA to work only or especially with you. 

Current RAs

  • Alexandra Aiello. Arts and Sciences sophomore studying government and pursuing a business minor at Dyson. Graduating 2021. 
  • Steiner Abayie. Dyson junior studying applied economics and management. Graduating 2020.
  • Andee Cao. Arts and Sciences junior studying math and computer science. Graduating 2020.
  • Andrew Gao. Senior Research Assistant. Arts and Sciences senior studying economics. Graduating 2019.
  • Annabel Grossman. Arts and Sciences sophomore studying economics and psychology. Graduating 2021.
  • Aditi Joshi. College of Human Ecology sophomore studying human development. Graduating 2021.
  • Katie Roscoe. Senior Research Assistant. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences senior studying communications. Graduating 2019.
  • Mukul Shukla. Master of Engineering in Computer Science. Graduating 2019.
  • Xinyi Wan. Arts of Sciences senior studying economics and math. Graduating 2019.
  • David Y. Wang. Arts and Sciences junior studying Economics, Information Science and Law and Society. Graduating 2020.