Research Assistants


The lab hires and trains paid research assistants (RAs) to help with most research support services, including technical and programming support:

  • Run in-lab studies
  • Run field studies and table
  • Perform data coding and analysis tasks
  • Program in R, Stata, Matlab, Java, Python and other languages to perform research-related tasks like scraping.
  • Create Qualtrics surveys based on templates
  • Test and pilot studies and provide feedback

Researchers pay all RAs $12/hour.

Email with research needs to be paired with a RA or to hire someone through the lab.

Current RAs

  • Alexandra Aiello
  • Steiner Abayie
  • Willow Bailon
  • Andee Cao
  • Annabel Grossman
  • Eunice Han
  • Aditi Joshi
  • Armine Kalbakian
  • David Y. Wang
  • Wenxue Zheng