Research Assistants


The lab hires and trains paid research assistants (RAs) to help with most research support services, including technical and programming support:

  • Run in-lab studies
  • Run field studies and table
  • Perform data coding and analysis tasks for professors and PhD students
  • Create Qualtrics surveys based on templates
  • Test and pilot studies and provide feedback
  • (Analytical/Programming RA role) Program in R, Stata, Matlab, Java, Python and other languages to perform research-related tasks like scraping

Researchers pay all RAs $12.5/hour.

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in working at the lab can email to inquire about openings. Generally, the lab hires new RAs each semester at the beginning of the semester, so that is the best time to reach out.

Researchers with research needs or seeking RA support, email with to inquire about hiring someone through the lab.