Performance Learning

Our Performance Learning™ experience immerses you in the real world of business.

Our enhanced curriculum is designed to teach core business fundamentals during the first semester so you can roll up your sleeves and move more quickly into your area of interest. As a result, you’ll gain valuable hands-on experience sooner, spending more time working on real business projects and challenges, custom-tailored to fit your goals and background.

The three key elements of Performance Learning™ are:

1. learning advanced business fundamentals and theoretical frameworks

2. applying that knowledge to deliver real results in real-world business situations

3. receiving continuous feedback from experienced business experts

What makes our Two-Year MBA different from any other MBA program is the way we closely integrate learning with doing to help our students compete better and succeed more, today and tomorrow. A key aspect of Performance Learning™ is student participation in team-based projects requiring them to utilize the business leadership skills and critical thinking techniques they’ve learned in the classroom to produce measurable results for real companies.

One example: the required Integrative Case Competition, in which students use the business, analytic, and leadership skills they’ve learned in the first semester to solve complex business problems and present their recommendations to a panel of judges for an opportunity to win cash prizes.

Innovation through immersion

Doing business in today’s digital world not only requires innovation, it demands it. Our Two-Year MBA students spend the entire first-year spring semester immersed in intense, hands-on, integrated course and field work in preparation for competitive internships with top employers during the summer. The immersion experience is central to Performance Learning™, promoting the critical and creative thinking that leads to innovation. The result? Our Two-Year MBA students deliver more value and more real results to their internship employers.

Performance Learning™ opportunities don’t stop there. There are a number of other programs and consulting projects in which Ithaca-based Two-Year MBA students can participate to put their new knowledge, skills, and experience to use, including:

  • Management Practicum, where students headed toward careers in management consulting take part in a team-based project throughout the second-year fall semester, in class and on location, working on real projects for real companies with a presentation to company executives at the end of the semester
  • Cayuga MBA Fund, one of the largest student-managed hedge funds
  • BR Ventures, in which students can help determine funding for real new growth businesses
  • BR Consulting, providing critical business consulting to real start-ups
  • BR Advisory, ensuring delivery of legal advice to entrepreneurs through Cornell Law
  • Speaker Series and major event management for popular events such as the Business Idea Competition, Human Capital Symposium, and Johnson Energy Connection,
  • Park Leadership Fellows, enabling students to "repay" the school for their tuition by independently undertaking extensive projects to benefit the school and/or the community