Two-Year MBA Electives

Johnson’s highly flexible Two-Year MBA enables you to get started sooner on a custom-tailored course of study

No other MBA program enables you to advance your studies – and your career – as quickly as our Two-Year MBA. In just the first semester, you’ll gain a solid foundation in advanced business skills and knowledge, enabling you to start individual, career-focused study during the second semester. But your ability to custom-tailor your learning really takes off during the second year.

You can choose to structure your electives around one or more areas of focus. Johnson offers 12 focus areas that can complement your immersion and help you develop specialized skills and experience. Learn more about focus areas for Two-Year MBAs.

In addition to at least 80 electives to choose from at Johnson, you can further focus and enhance your learning with thousands of other courses at all the other top-ranked colleges, schools, and multidisciplinary centers at Cornell. You’ll gain an unmatched, competitive edge with a wide range of courses taught by nationally and internationally recognized experts in Cornell’s schools of lawengineering, and more. In fact, the breadth and depth of knowledge available throughout the Cornell family of institutions has led a number of our MBA candidates to enroll in a dual degree program.

Our Leadership Skills Program and Leadership Expeditions provide comprehensive, critical leadership training vital for working and succeeding in the rapidly-evolving business world. Students also have the opportunity to accelerate their leadership development through our suite of leadership opportunities, which are available throughout your two years at Johnson.