Q: How do your MBAs fare in the job market?
A: Extremely well! Recruiters seek Johnson MBAs because they find them exceptionally well prepared and strong team players who can begin making a meaningful contribution to employers on Day One. See our most recent Employment Report for more information.

Q: Why do you offer immersions in the first year instead of the second?
A: Our immersions are a combination of specialized coursework and performance learning activities all aimed at providing you with exceptional preparation for your summer internship. Building on the general management foundation of functional skills you gain through your core courses, these immersions give you specialized knowledge in a particular field. Companies consistently tell us that our interns are better able to make an immediate contribution than students from peer institutions.

Q: Can I start my MBA in the spring semester?
A: No. Our program is structured to deliver content and hone skills in a sequence. Students get most of their functional knowledge foundation and participate in an integrative case competition in the first fall semester then take an immersion in the spring that provides exceptional preparation for the summer internship.

Q: Will you help me find an internship?
A: Yes. Our Career Management Center is highly regarded as one of the best in the world. They maintain and continue to grow the list of companies that recruit at Johnson. Our goal is not only to help you get an internship and then a job, but to ensure that you leave here with the skills to successfully search for positions throughout your career. At Johnson, you'll frequently find students critiquing each others' resumes, putting each other through mock interviews, and offering encouragement and support. Our alumni are also very engaged in helping students prepare for interviews.

Q: What are my chances of gaining admission into your program?
A: The short answer is: we simply don't know and won't until you apply. If you look at the profile of our admitted students, read our student blogs and see yourself at Johnson, then please apply!

As you'll see on our Key Facts page, the number of applicants to Johnson has been growing, and this year we accepted about 12% of those who applied. Our goal is to select individuals who will not only succeed in our MBA program, but will go on to make a real and lasting impact on their organizations and the world around them. We also endeavor to create classes of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences so that each becomes a vital part of a culture in which learning is an intensely shared process. So while a strong undergraduate record, high scores on the GMAT, and success in jobs are all important considerations, we also look for demonstrations of leadership, the ability to work with others, and other traits and experiences that contribute to individual success and collaborative learning and work.

Q: I don't have any full-time work experience. Can I still apply?
A: Each year, we admit a small number of individuals who come straight out of an undergraduate program. Since we want all of our students to succeed in their MBA program and beyond, we try to identify those individuals who will hold their own in an environment where most of their peers have some job experience.