For Researchers

Cornell researchers can use lab services and technology. A full-time lab manager is available to support in-lab and online data collection. Resources include:

  • Student pool with about 4,000 active participants, including some staff and Cornell alumni.
  • Local Ithaca community participant pool.
  • Alumni Pool for the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management.
  • Twenty computer stations in a main lab room, which can be split into by a sound-proof barrier.
  • A focus-group room with conference table, couch, and high-quality audio and video recording equipment.
  • Two small breakout rooms to which the lab has first-priority access.
  • iPads and laptops for use in and out of the lab.
  • Trained research assistants that run experiments and perform services like data cleaning and coding and survey writing.
  • Data collection software including Qualtrics, E-Prime, and zTree/zLeaf.
  • Headphones, portable video cameras, tripods, and video editing software.
  • Galvanic skin response sensors and software.
  • Refrigerator and freezer unit.
  • Flexibility to rearrange facilities as needed.

For more info, visit our Lab Facilities page. Email to visit or use the lab, or with any questions. We appreciate and accommodate requests for new programs and data collection capabilities.

Andrew Davis

“The BSL has been instrumental to my research on supply chain contracts where Cornell students play the role of managers negotiating terms. By studying negotiations in a controlled environment, we can identify settings and causes that lead to higher profitability. The BSL has been and will continue to be a key factor in my work.”