For Researchers

The Business Simulation Lab suite offers a wealth of opportunities to facilitate cutting-edge business research. A full-time lab manager is dedicated to assisting in any way. Resources include:

  • A large participant pool comprised mostly of students earning cash or class extra credit points.
  • Twenty computer stations in a main lab room, which can be split into two using a sound-proof barrier.
  • A focus-group room with conference table, couch, and high-quality audio and video recording equipment.
  • Two small breakout rooms to which the lab has first-priority access.
  • Four Apple iPads and two Dell laptops for use in and out of the lab.
  • Trained research assistants with diverse skills and interests.
  • Headphones, portable video cameras, tripods, video editing software, and galvanic skin response sensors.
  • A refrigerator and freezer unit.
  • Data collection software including Qualtrics, MediaLab/DirectRT, and zTree/zLeaf.
  • Flexibility to rearrange facilities as needed.

For more info, visit our Lab Facilities page. Email to visit or use the lab, or with any questions. We appreciate and accommodate requests for new programs and data collection capabilities.

Ori Heffetz, Assistant Professor of Economics

I regularly use the BSL for conducting experiments because it is a professional lab with a very large pool of potential student-participants, and a great team runs it. In the past few years I’ve conducted experiments with more than a thousand students, studying various topics in economics and psychology.

Manoj Thomas, Associate Professor of Marketing

Controlled experiments are very useful in generating consumer insights. The BSL offers Johnson faculty the opportunity to run controlled experiments.