Using Sona

The lab uses Sona Systems to manage studies and recruiting. Any Cornell researcher can use the participant pool to expedite recruiting. Johnson College of Business Professors set up their own studies in Sona and send the study information to the lab manager, Brad Turner, to schedule. Non-JCB professors should email study and sign-up information to to advertise in the weekly email to participants.

Request an Account

Lab manager Brad Turner will create a researcher account for all new faculty and graduate students. Email

Create a Study

To create a new study, sign in to Sona Systems and click “Add New Study.” You will need this information.

  • Title displayed to participants
  • Single-sentence description
  • Description explaining what the participant will do during the study and anything else they need to know.
  • Target number
  • Participant qualifications or constraints
  • IRB approval or exemption number and expiration date
  • Study and timeslot length
  • Incentive: Cash or extra credit or both. If both, set your study up as Standard Type-Credit. We do not mandate a minimum or average payment, and grant half a credit for each half hour of the lab.
  • Room(s) you would like to use. See Lab Facilities.
  • Schedule: Preferred days and times. See Lab Calendars for availability.
  • Account to charge study expenses
  • If you are a PhD student, is this for your dissertation?

Email these fields to Brad Turner at He will reply back to you about when you can create your timeslots, or do so on your behalf.

Create Timeslots

Once you have created the study, you will have to add timeslots that participants can sign up for. Click “My Studies” then the study. Click “Study Menu” then “View/Administer Time Slots.” From here, you can add timeslots one at a time or in bulk during business hours any day of the week.