The goal of the Career Management Center is to provide outstanding service to our corporate customers while respecting students' academic commitments. To help ensure that the recruiting process results in optimal outcomes for all concerned, Johnson has adopted the following policies:

Keep everyone informed - both the CMC and the students - as you move through the hiring process. We can best serve them and you when we are kept up-to-date concerning second-round interviews, offers, and acceptances. Students spend hours preparing for interviews and it is the company's responsibility to notify all students of their status after the interviewing process is completed. Similarly, if there are ways in which we can better meet your needs, prepare Johnson students more effectively, or address concerns that may arise during the year, we welcome your input.

  • The CMC publishes contact information about our recruiting contacts and on-campus visitors, unless we are asked not to do so by the company. This information is accessible online only to Johnson students.
  • Employers who interview on campus have the right to interview candidates based on their authorization to work in a particular country, but the CMC will allow all students to submit résumés for "closed" interview slots.
  • Cornell students not enrolled in Johnson may not participate in on-campus recruiting at Johnson unless the employer makes a specific request for a non-Johnson student to be placed on the schedule.
  • Employers must abide by Cornell's Equal Opportunity policy regarding all on-campus recruiting practices.
  • Employers should allow students enough time to make a thoughtful decision. We ask that you do not urge students to make early decisions. The CMC does not condone the use of exploding offers.