Connect with Students For Recruiters

Employer Presentations

Presentations provide opportunities to generate positive first impressions about your organization. Many companies bring Johnson alumni, recent hires, and representatives from the functional areas for which they are recruiting to participate in these sessions. In addition to allowing students to learn about your company, these functions enable you to identify candidates in whom you may be interested.

Use this forum to describe:

  • the nature of the jobs for which you are recruiting
  • your competitive arena
  • training prospects
  • career paths
  • your corporate culture


Presentations are scheduled in the evenings, in-person presentations/networking are 60-90 minutes, while virtual sessions are 60 minutes. In-person presentations/networking must not exceed 90 minutes to avoid student conflicts, as multiple events are scheduled consecutively each evening. Companies with multiple divisions are asked to schedule only one, shared presentation.

Presentation Venues

Please reach out to the CMC to inquire about presentation and post-presentation networking space. Presentations held at Sage Hall are restricted to Johnson MBA students due to space constraints.

Other Events

Additional ways to interact with students include breakfasts, office hours, case prep workshops, diversity events, and more. Please reach out to the CMC for more information on these events.

Publicize Your Event

One of the best ways to ensure a good turnout to an event is to publicize it. All events scheduled with the CMC are posted online for Johnson students. In addition, presenting companies may send promotional materials to student clubs to share with their members. Please reach out to the CMC for a list of club representative contact information.