On-Campus Visit Logistics

Over the years we have found that a number of important steps can help ensure an outstanding recruiting visit.

  • Corporate presentation, event, interview, and job posting requests can be submitted using the Johnson Talent System employer portal.
  • Submit job descriptions promptly for on-campus interviews. Students review job descriptions carefully and pre-screen themselves, making your job easier and your visit more productive.
  • If you would like to send company information, product, or giveaways in anticipation of a corporate presentation, please address it to:
    Career Management Center
    Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
    202 Sage Hall, Cornell University
    Ithaca, NY 14853
  • Please be sure to include the company name and date of your event.
  • Let your corporate account manager know as soon as possible if you plan to cancel a recruiting-related event. Please include the reason for the cancellation so that we can inform the students.
  • Inform your interviewers and hiring managers of your company’s diversity recruiting policy.
  • Inform your interviewers of legal hiring practices and illegal areas of inquiry in interviews. Well-trained interviewers generate enthusiasm for your organization that carries through several years of MBA classes.
  • Maintain regular communication with students and keep them up to date on developments in the process.
  • Make a reservation for lodging once your recruiting plans are confirmed.
  • Cornell is a large, complex campus. Keep your interviewers informed of their transportation and parking arrangements.