How to Recruit On-Campus

We are pleased to announce that companies have the opportunity to come to campus for in-person events, take a fully virtual approach, or a combination of the two. The ability to host in-person events is subject to University guidelines, which can be found here. Please note, campus visitors (including employers and invited guests) must follow the University guidance for campus events and visitors found at the information for visitors’ pageReach out to us with any questions.

Full-Time and Summer Positions

  • The Career Management Center begins scheduling interviews and company events in spring for the following academic year
  • Interviews for full-time positions are conducted from mid-October through November
  • Interviews for internships begin in January, and run through February, with the exception of Investment Banking internship interviews, which are conducted in December virtually or in firm offices
  • Our performance learning curriculum uniquely prepares first-year students during intense, second semester immersions.
  • Please email us if you are interested in recruiting on-campus