The Cornell Executive MBA combines a comprehensive, integrated curriculum with the broad cross-functional knowledge required by general managers.

Our integrated courses ensure that you learn theories and application in the same context in which you apply them in your organization. You develop both a solid understanding of the functional areas of business and the breadth of vision to guide strategic decisions. This comprehensive, global curriculum ensures that your management education will remain relevant throughout your career.

Integrated and Sequenced

We provide an integrated curriculum that takes you from core fundamentals to advanced business concepts. In addition, the courses you will take in the Cornell Executive MBA are sequenced so that each course builds on the content of the previous courses, allowing ample opportunity to apply your learning to real-world business situations. Throughout the program, your coursework will be augmented by guest speakers and project applications that ensure you can apply your education to real business problems.

Customize Your MBA Experience

Throughout the program, individual assignments will allow you to apply course concepts and techniques. This means you can use your own organization as the context for much of this work, providing additional value to your organization and accelerating the payback for any sponsorship you may have received. You will have the opportunity to further customize your MBA experience through two major projects.

The Global Business Project

This team project provides practical international business experience. In the second year of the program, your team will complete a comprehensive analysis of a real international business issue or opportunity anywhere in the world outside of the U.S. Under the direction of a faculty leader, you will secure a project and a sponsor. You will then research and refine your approach to the “live case.”  Before completing the program, your team will travel internationally to interview key resource people and conduct the field research necessary for the final report. This project provides an outstanding opportunity to apply your program learning to a global business issue.

The Innovation & New Venture Creation Project

Understanding and practicing entrepreneurship is important in today's business environment. In your third term, you will focus on innovation and new ventures, evaluating ideas, formulating a plan, finding sources of venture capital, and building an organization capable of sustained growth. These skills are applied and reinforced through the Innovation & New Venture Creation Project. The objective of this project is to provide you with an opportunity to use the management concepts and tools you have acquired in the program to create a business case for a new venture. You will identify market opportunities, investigate business potential, consider financing options, and create a comprehensive business plan.