EMBA Healthcare Leadership Residential Sessions

Interior of the Breazzano Family Center lobby
The Breazzano Family Center for Business Education in Ithaca, New York.

The Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program includes four week-long residential sessions. These sessions are held at the beginning of each academic term. Fall residential sessions take place at the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, New York, and spring residential sessions are held in the NYC metro area.

Integrated leadership coaching

While professional development is an integral part of the entire EMBA/MS curriculum, leadership programming during residential sessions will give you specific, guided opportunities to define and progress in your individual career plan. Whether you want to grow within your organization or transition to a different area of the healthcare industry, the EMBA Career Development Office provides leadership and career coaching, which is emphasized during your residential sessions.

Cross-cohort collaboration

During your second EMBA/MS residential session, you’ll have the opportunity to take electives with students who are in their second year of the EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program. This introduction to a new group of students from the healthcare industry will grow your network and bring new perspectives to the classroom.

EMBA/MS residential session requirements

Students in the EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program must attend all four residential sessions, which are held in both Ithaca, New York, on the Cornell University campus and a conference center near New York City. These week-long sessions are held at the start of each academic term. Meals and accommodations are included in your program tuition.

Opening Residential session

Term #1: July

You will begin the EMBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program with a residential session on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, New York. This week includes course instruction and orientation activities that focus on leadership and high-performance teams. You’ll spend time in study teams with certified team coaches and spend a day at the Cornell Outdoor Education facility.

Second Residential Session

Term #2: Early January

This one-week session, focused on integrated leadership coaching, is held at a conference center near New York City. EMBA/MS students in their second year will join you as you take electives together and participate in evening networking and programming.

Third Residential Session

Term #3: July of your second year

During this week-long session at the Cornell campus in Ithaca, you will build on the foundational courses you’ve completed and begin courses on strategy and innovation in healthcare. In addition, you’ll attend networking events and evening programming and participate in an activity day in Ithaca.

Final Residential Session

Term #4: January of your second year

In your final one-week residential session, you will officially kick off your capstone client projects. Held at a conference center in New York City, this session offers elective courses that you’ll take with first-year EMBA/MS students. Start your final term in a collaborative residential environment with evening networking and programming.