EMBA Americas Curriculum

The Executive MBA Americas program will prepare you to respond to global business challenges, adapt to new markets, and lead in a constantly changing environment.

The Americas curriculum provides a solid foundation in:

  • Management fundamentals
  • International business
  • Strategic thinking
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Leadership

Because these themes are woven throughout the curriculum, you will leave the program with the ability to approach issues from a multidisciplinary perspective—the way the world works.

EMBA Americas course requirements

The Executive MBA Americas program features an integrated series of courses that provide a solid grounding in both fundamental and advanced management topics. You’ll complete 60 credits of required courses, electives, and two major projects. Students in the EMBA Americas program must take at least 6 credits of coursework each semester to be considered a full-time student.

Sequenced courses

The courses in the Americas program are taught in an integrated sequence, building upon one another and delivering a complete general management toolkit designed to prepare you for the next steps in your career.

Elective options

During the second half of the Americas program, you will complete two electives, giving you the opportunity to dive deeper into topics relevant to your career interests.

Two major projects

In the Americas program, you will complete two major projects—one on your own and one as part of a team.

New Venture or Consulting Project

This individual project requirement allows you to explore either entrepreneurship through a new business idea or consulting as related to an organization of your choice. While completing your individual project, you will be assigned to an experienced advisor.

Global Business Project

This team-based project at the end of the program provides hands-on, practical global business experience. You and your team will complete a comprehensive analysis of a real international business issue and travel internationally to do on-the-ground work and research with your partner organization.

Typical course sequence and descriptions

The EMBA Americas program is 17 months (plus a project) and combines weekend classes and residential sessions.

June: Opening residential session

The courses below begin during your first residential session on the Cornell and Queen’s campuses.

July–November: Class weekends

You’ll complete the classes below over the next five months during class weekends in your local boardroom. Two courses are typically presented each class weekend.

December: Residential session #2

The following courses are featured during a five-day residential session at the Queen’s Toronto facility.

January–March: Class weekends

The courses below are taught during the next block of class weekend.

April: Residential session #3

Held on the Cornell Tech Campus in NYC, the third residential session features the strategy coursework and the first of two electives.

April–November: Class weekends

The courses below are taught during your final set of class weekends, with two courses typically taught each weekend.

November: Closing residential session

The remaining courses in the Americas program are completed during the closing residential session at the Cornell and Queen’s campuses.

Individual project: New Venture or Consulting

You will begin work on your individual project in the fall of the first year. The project is completed over 6 months.

Final capstone: Global Business Project

You will complete the Americas program with a team-based Global Business Project. It is due in February, and degrees are conferred at Commencement in May.