Program Schedule

Class of 2019 Schedule Overview

Classes in the Cornell Executive MBA Americas are delivered in two dynamic formats.

During weekend classes, faculty teach live from our on-campus studios while students attend classes at their local boardroom. Weekend classes are typically held every other weekend, with class all day Saturday and Sunday morning*. Approximately 60% of the classes are delivered on weekends.

The remaining classes are delivered during three residential sessions. These sessions are held at the beginning, middle, and end of the program, and vary in length. During residential sessions, students have the opportunity to spend time on the Cornell and Queen’s campuses, with students from various boardroom locations.

*On occasion, a Sunday afternoon class session and/or meeting may occur. These dates will be shared well in advance.

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Weekend Sessions

Month, Year Weekend Dates
 July, 2017
August, 2017 5/6, 19/20
September, 2017
2/3, 16/17, 30
October, 2017 1, 14/15, 28/29
November, 2017 11/12
December, 2017 9/10
January, 2018 6/7, 20/21
February, 2018 24/25
March, 2018 10/11, 24/25
April, 2018 7/8, 21/22
May, 2018 5/6
June, 2018 2/3, 16/17
July, 2018 14/15, 28/29
August, 2018 11/12, 25/26
September, 2018 8/9, 22/23
October, 2018 13/14, 27/28

Residential Sessions

Session #1

This two-week session is held at the beginning of the program. The first week is held at Cornell; the second is held at Queen’s. The class is divided into two sections for the session, as noted below.

June 25 – July 9, 2017 – Section 1 (June 25 is the arrival day; July 9 is the departure day).

  • Boardroom locations attending this section: Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Bay Area, Seattle

July 2 – July 16, 2017 – Section 2 (July 2 is the arrival day; July 16 is the departure day).

  • Boardroom locations attending this section: Atlanta, DC, Ithaca, NYC, Salem (NH), Mexico City, Monterrey

Session #2

All teams will meet together for this session, which is held off-campus.

February 2 – 11, 2018 (February 2 is the arrival day; February 11 is the departure day)

Session #3

The entire class attends this session, which is split between the Cornell and the Queen's campuses, simultaneously. Section 1 will begin classes in Ithaca, NY; Section 2 will begin classes in Kingston, ON.

November 9 – 18, 2018 (November 9 is the arrival day; November 18 is the departure day)


Some final exams may be held on off class days. Those dates will be shared well in advance of the exam date.

Johnson Voices

Jonathan Ho

“Through the implementation of local Boardroom teams and global classmates, the [program] allows for study in my hometown while incorporating classmates from across Canada, the United States, Mexico, and South America.”


Eriel Anchondo

“The connections I made during the program were invaluable and allowed me to redirect and advance my career in a completely different industry.”

Eriel Anchondo, Executive MBA Americas '14
Senior Vice President of Operations, Franklin Street Properties Corp.

Alumni Spotlight

Toby Weir-Jones

“There is a lot of benefit to being affiliated with Cornell, and I’ve intersected with that in just about every corner of the world in my professional travels.”