What can the combination of a law degree and an MBA do for you?

Our MBA/JD graduates are pursuing a variety of careers that draw on their depth of legal knowledge and business acumen.

Those who practice corporate law benefit from a more complete understanding of all the business functions and corporate decision making. For those involved in mergers and acquisitions, the greater depth of business knowledge allows them to perform due diligence from well rounded corporate and legal perspectives, asking the right questions, evaluating all of the pertinent information, and making sound decisions.

Some of our MBA/JDs are entrepreneurs who find that the combination of business and legal knowledge has enabled them to develop solid business plans and cut through the legal complexities involved in establishing new entities and protecting intellectual property.

Individuals engaged in real estate at the corporate level benefit from the combined depth of legal and business knowledge. They apply their legal knowledge to many aspects of development and transactions, and their business acumen to ensuring the financial success of their enterprises.

Others are applying their combined legal and business knowledge in still other venues as they pursue their own highly individual goals.

Why Cornell?

The Johnson and Cornell University Law School-both top-tier schools-are deliberately small, and the culture of both schools is exceptionally collegial, authentic, and close-knit. Both foster easy access to a faculty that includes some of the world's leading experts in numerous fields.

One of the largest Ivy League universities, Cornell University offers a rich combination of classical academic studies with research at the leading edge in the sciences and technologies. In addition, the university fosters knowledge transfer and economic development worldwide, often yielding excellent opportunities for entrepreneurship. Our engaged alumni and faculty share strong loyalties to fellow Cornellians and form an exceptional network for MBA/JDs to connect with others, explore opportunities, and develop exciting careers.


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