MPS in Management Employment and Career Support

Preparing for Your Career

As an MPS student, you’ll have access to career resources across the Johnson Graduate School of Management and the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. In addition, students complete three Career Practicums designed to facilitate mentoring and networking opportunities, explore career pathways, and applied learning experiences.


”The MPS in Management program was an excellent choice for me because of the career-launching characteristics associated with it. In undergrad, I really wanted to pursue a career in law, and as such, that is what I focused my time and studies on. It wasn't until the beginning of my senior year that I realized it was no longer of interest. The MPS in Management program provided me an opportunity to shift my soon-to-be career and start in a completely different industry. “

Thomas Lovett '21, MPS '22, Hilton

“Cornell was extremely helpful in preparing me. The information sessions and recruitment events were extremely insightful and helped me to expand my network.”

Roberto Hasbun, MPS '22, APPRISE

"The career team does a great job providing advice and coaching students along the way. I would highly recommend registering for a session with the career team early on in the program.”

Daniel Shan, MPS '22, Lincoln International



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