Marketing adapts the analytical and behavioral theories commonly used in economics, psychology, sociology, and operations research and applies them to marketing problems. Potential areas of study range from analysis and modeling of consumer behavior to research in the decision-making processes of marketing organizations.

Our marketing faculty and students approach the study of marketing from two distinct perspectives: a psychological, behavioral orientation and a quantitative, empirical one. The presence of two paradigms enriches the experiences of both groups.

The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management supports scholarly activity of marketing faculty and students. For instance, faculty and students have access to the Johnson Business Simulation Laboratory to conduct experiments, the Dyson Lab for Experimental Economics & Decision Research), as well as an online participant pool for experimental research. Funding is available to support student research projects and travel to national and international conferences. Johnson also is the home to the internationally-recognized academic journal, Administrative Science Quarterly.

Our faculty regularly publish in top marketing journals, including the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Consumer Research, and Marketing Science, among others. For additional information on faculty research, please visit individual faculty websites.

Marketing students take courses developed and taught by marketing faculty, as well as courses outside the area (e.g., from expert faculty in Psychology, Economics, Computer Science, etc.). A representative summary of courses offered by Marketing faculty are below:


  • B1. Judgement and Decision Making/BDT
  • B2. Information Processing/Social Psychological Perspectives
  • B3. Cognitive Psychological Perspectives
  • B4. A Special Topics Course


  • Q1. Choice Modeling and Diffusion
  • Q2. Empirical Models (includes machine learning methods)
  • Q3. Structural Models in Marketing
  • Q4. A Special Topics Course


Tommaso Bondi
Johnson School

Khaled Boughanmi
Johnson School

Helen Chun
Nolan School

Geoffrey Fisher
Dyson School

Alexander Fulmer
Nolan School

Emily Garbinsky
Johnson School

Sachin Gupta
Johnson School

Sylvia Hristakeva
Dyson School

Vrinda Kadiyali
Johnson School

Shreya Kankanhalli 
Johnson School

Jura Liaukonyte
Dyson School

Emaad Manzoor
Johnson School

Michael Lynn
Nolan School

Young-Hoon Park
Johnson School

Omid Rafieian
Johnson School

Jacqueline Rifkin
Johnson School

Suzanne Shu
Dyson School

Douglas M. Stayman
Johnson School

Manoj Thomas
Johnson School

Stijn M.J. van Osselaer
Johnson School

Kaitlin Woolley
Johnson School

Nathan Yang
Dyson School

Some of Our Alumni

Arnaud Monnier, Graduation Year: 2022, First Placement: EDHEC Business School (France)

Sarah Lim, Graduation Year: 2021, First Placement: University of Illinois

Piyush Anand, Graduation Year: 2021, First Placement: Rice University

Sungjin Kim, Graduation Year: 2020, First Placement: University of Hawaii at Manoa

Shreyans Goenka, Graduation Year: 2020, First Placement: Virginia Tech

Sharmistha Sikdar, Graduation Year: 2019, First Placement: Dartmouth College

Jialie Chen, Graduation Year: 2018, First Placement: University of Arkansas

Joowon Park, Graduation Year: 2017, First Placement: City University of Hong Kong

Dinesh Puranam, Graduation Year: 2016, First Placement: University of Southern California

Hwang Kim, Graduation Year: 2015, First Placement: Chinese University of Hong Kong

Ping Zhao, Graduation Year: 2014, First Placement: Wilfrid Laurier University

Chang Hee Park, Graduation Year: 2012, First Placement: Binghamton University

Anne-Sophie Chaxel, Graduation Year: 2012, First Placement: McGill University