Cornell EMI Corning Case Competition

Cornell Emerging Markets Institute Corning Case Competition 2024

The impact of globalization on business, both locally and globally, is immense and ignoring it would be a catastrophic undertaking. The goal of the case competition is to identify and answer questions that real businesses and managers are posing today in relation to Emerging Markets. The growing role of Emerging Market Multinationals in the business world continues to evolve and this case competition seeks to challenge us to come up with win-win solutions.

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2023 EMI Corning Case Competition Timeline

The 2023 Cornell EMI Corning Case Competition timeline. Keep connected to this website to receive notifications about the 2024 edition.

Case competition 2023 timeline: Application open on Aug 20, Semi Finalists are announced on Sep 22, they receive the case on Sep 23, Submit the case by Sep 29. The finalists are announced on Oct 12, and the final presentations will be in person on Nov 3 at Cornell Tech, or online, live.
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