Living in Ithaca

Living in ithaca

Your "new life" in Ithaca will begin soon. Here's a brief overview of what you need to know to get settled at Cornell and the surrounding community.

Begin Now!

You will need to make some critical decisions about living here well before you arrive. In particular,

  • Start reviewing your housing options now, and begin your search early. (Do not wait until May or August!) The number of dwellings is limited, and you may have to compete for one.
  • While you look for housing, also consider transportation to and from campus. Public transportation is available. Parking on campus requires a permit.
  • Consider your health insurance options now. It is required, and you will be automatically enrolled and billed unless you can demonstrate that you have an acceptable alternative to Cornell's policy.
  • Discover Ithaca and your surroundings. This livable, cosmopolitan community is set in the midst of great natural beauty. Explore and enjoy it!