House in Ithaca.

Housing in Ithaca goes quickly. We encourage you to begin your search right away.

University Housing

The university has some graduate housing just off campus for 12-month leases. Visit the Graduate and Professional Student Housing website for more information. If you apply for graduate housing, be sure to use the forms labeled “New Student.”

Off-Campus Rental Housing

Most Johnson students choose to live in apartments located in houses or apartment complexes. Our 2024 Johnson Housing Guide shares student reviews and breakdowns of where students live by neighborhood. You can also visit Cornell’s Off-Campus Living Office for more information on Ithaca neighborhoods, housing search tips, and a database of available properties. There is also an active Facebook group devoted to Cornell housing, sublet, and roommate opportunities.

Buying a Home

Occasionally students who are relocating here for two years wonder if they should purchase a home or a condo. If you are considering this, here are a few things in mind:

  • The Mortgage: Local realtors recommend that buyers pre-qualify for a mortgage before looking at properties. Most buyers use local banks for mortgages (as opposed to Internet mortgages) because New York State property law is based on the English system whereby attorneys close sales, as opposed to title insurance companies.
  • Closing Time: Average time from the acceptance of an offer until closing on a property (taking ownership) is two to three months. It is difficult to close a sale involving a mortgage in less than seven weeks. If you plan to buy, you will need to schedule your buying trip with enough lead time.
  • Resale: With a two-year stay in the area, resale will be a high priority. Anyone considering buying a home should consider factors like school districts as well as home cost. A realtor can help you make comparisons.
  • Listings and Tools: Find homes for sale on sites like realtor.com, zillow.com, and trulia.com (search by zip code 14850). Compare tax assessments for a neighborhood on Zillow, and use Trulia’s Rent vs. Buy Calculator.