Career Planning

Two Johnson management students smiling.

Johnson’s Career Management Center (CMC) staff work tirelessly for your success from the moment you join the Johnson community. Your relationship with the CMC begins before you get to campus, with powerful advice and guidance to help you reach your greatest goals—from the C-suite to your own growing enterprise. Through the CMC’s Integrated Career Management Program, you’ll gain expertise and experience to help you focus your job search, ace any interview, and continue climbing and achieving throughout your career.

Early Access

In the spring the CMC will give you access to online workshops and webinars aimed at jump starting your résumé and interview prep. Our spring/summer New Student Guide email newsletters will also feature weekly “career challenges” from the CMC; these are designed to give you regular tasks so you stay on track with your pre-arrival recruiting preparation.

Investing time in these activities before you arrive will make your initial entry into MBA life far smoother, and will give you a serious edge in recruiting. Finally, the CMC will also keep you updated on early internship recruiting opportunities.