New Students

Welcome to Johnson!

You have been hand-selected to join the most promising business minds of your generation for an experience that will give new direction to your career. Your Cornell MBA or MPS journey will be challenging and enlightening. You will learn from industry leaders, take on opportunities to work with top companies, and discover how to see and solve business challenges in bold new ways.

Two-Year MBA

An industry leader in the making, your growth begins with teamwork and business fundamentals.

Two-Year MBA


Innovator. Visionary. Disrupter. Launch your Johnson Cornell Tech (JCT) MBA with an accelerated summer core in Ithaca.


MPS in Management

You’re ready for a rigorous management education designed to launch your career.

MPS - Management
Student on a tree swing in Arts Quad.

Living in Ithaca

Ithaca is a city like no other – an incredible place to find your focus and be inspired on your way to business success.

You’ll draw as much inspiration from the stunning beauty of our gorges and waterfalls as you will from our thriving intellectual community, vibrant downtown, and eclectic culture.