Two-Year MBA

April 20-23, 2017

A Weekend for Admitted Students

Our criteria have never been more selective. Your academic, personal, and professional accomplishments are outstanding. We have confidence that you will find our program to be challenging and rewarding.

Now we would like to cordially invite you to get to know your future classmates, current Johnson students, Sage Hall, the campus, and the Ithaca area. You'll hear presentations and have abundant opportunities to ask your questions about many of the specifics of our program. In addition to an overview of your MBA program, you'll learn more about Immersions, Financial Aid, and many more aspects of academic life.

Equally important, you'll experience the Johnson culture. You'll discover why this is such a unique collegiate community - warm, intense, highly collaborative, and exploding with energy, ideas, and activity. You'll meet the faculty and administrators who are not only unusually accessible to students, but who often become lifelong colleagues.

We encourage you to bring your partner and family and explore not only the campus, but Ithaca and the beautiful Finger Lakes Region. While you're here, you can scope out housing options and the area's surprisingly long list of multicultural amenities.

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The 2017 Destination Johnson Committee - contact us

Anne-Marie Mitchell MBA '18 Anne-Marie Mitchell MBA '18
DJ Chair
Anne-Marie Mitchell MBA '18 Momin Khan MBA '18
DJ Vice-Chair
Steven Cheng MBA '18 Steven Cheng MBA '18
DJ Housing Search Sub-Chair
Hilary Boyle Hilary Boyle
DJ Joint Ventures (Partners/Families) Sub-Chair
Anne-Marie Mitchell MBA '18 Hannah Zweifler MBA '18
DJ Social Media Sub-Chair
Sabrina Co MBA '18 Sabrina Co MBA '18
DJ Student-Hosted Dinners Sub-Chair
Daryl Lwin MBA '18 Daryl Lwin MBA '18
DJ Team Activity Sub-Chair
Brian Balduzzi MBA '18 Brian Balduzzi MBA '18
DJ Weekend Hosting Sub-Chair
Tony Tufano MBA '18 Tony Tufano MBA '18
DJ Weekend Hosting Sub-Chair

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