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Johnson offers a Family-Friendly Community

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Real Community

Two of the things that distinguish Johnson from our peer schools are the very genuine sense of community and the quality of life that our students experience. We see spouses and partners as important members of our community, and they are warmly welcomed. In addition to providing information resources to help spouses, partners and families find housing, schools, jobs, and other “musts,” we reach out to engage our students and the people important to them in activities that bring them together and make them feel right at home at Johnson, Cornell University, and Ithaca – a vibrant, small city with sophisticated amenities set in beautiful agricultural surroundings.

Joint Ventures

This very active organization brings together Johnson students, families and partners. While forging friendships, members share information on jobs, health care, day care, entertainment, student schedules, and many other aspects of life in the greater Cornell and Ithaca communities. They also organize a number of great social events. You’ll find abundant information at the Joint Ventures website.

Cornell University

Cornell recognizes the importance of partners and families in the lives of graduate students, and provides various services and networking opportunities. For more information on listservs, partner ID cards, and much more, visit the Graduate School Partners and Families Website.

Diversity and Inclusion

Cornell University’s commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment originated with our founder, Ezra Cornell. With a visible and growing multinational population, the Ithaca community and Cornell campus offer events and organizations that celebrate diverse cultures and minority groups. At Johnson, minority student resources include the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and a network of student clubs that represent varied affiliations.

Ithaca has a surprisingly large and visible gay community. Johnson’s active LGBT group, Out for Business, maintains relationships with recruiters from LGBT corporate affinity groups and is part of the greater Cornell LGBT community, which includes the Cornell LGBT Resource Center and the Law School’s LAMBDA group. Both Cornell and Johnson provide benefits to domestic partners of gay students.

About Ithaca

A relatively small city in the heart of New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes region, Ithaca is a great place for families as well as singles. Various authors searching out the “best” of various aspects of life have bestowed many titles on our hometown. Here’s a brief sampling:

Want to read more? Check out some fast facts at VisitIthaca, see demographic information at the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce, and learn more about the beautiful Finger Lakes surroundings.


Here’s a listing of places to get information about job opportunities in the area.

Cornell Employment Office

  • Provides job postings and applications for Cornell employment opportunities.
  • Phone: 607.254.8370

Ithaca College

Displaced Homemakers Center of Tompkins County

  • Offers an excellent program for women going back into the job market or changing careers after an absence.
  • Phone: 607.272.1588
  • Address: 301 S. Geneva St., Ithaca, NY, 14850

Employment Office in Ithaca

  • Provides information on full-time, part-time, and temporary job opportunities.
  • Phone: 607.272.7570

Kelly Services

  • Provides information on temporary work.
  • Phone: 607.277.2724


  • Provides information on temporary work.
  • Phone: 607.272.7035

Stafkings Personnel Systems

Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce

  • Provides a wealth of information in its membership directory, including demographics and a list of all member employers by business category.
  • Phone: 607.273.7080
  • Address: 904 East Shore Dr., Ithaca, NY, 14850

Tompkins County Human Services Resource Directory

  • Publication available at Cornell Career Center or Uris Library. Identifies non-profit agencies and services that operate within the county.

Tompkins County Library

  • Maintains (as a hard copy) updated information on civil service listings and job opportunities for Cornell University and Ithaca College. Check with the reference librarian.
  • Phone: 607.272.4557
  • Address: 312 N. Cayuga St., Ithaca, NY, 14850

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Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures is a club for Johnson students and their significant others. Our mission is to foster ties of friendship and personal growth among Johnson students, their significant others, and their families.

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