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In Search of BrazilThe Political Economy of an Emerging Power: In Search of the Brazil Dream

A new book by Johnson’s Lourdes Casanova encapsulates Brazil’s role in the new order of emerging economies and the steps the country needs to propel its economic growth

Lourdes S. Casanova, Academic Director of the Emerging Markets Institute, Cornell University

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Jared Woodrey, MBA ‘15

Dropping Oil Prices Affect Emerging Markets Differently

by Jared Woodrey, MBA ‘15

The falling price of crude oil is helping oil dependent countries, but hurting oil producers.

Amber Thomas, MBA ’15 & MILR ‘15

Eliminating Toxins in International Electronics Supply Chains

by Amber Thomas, MBA ’15 & MILR ‘15

Amber Thomas interviewed Heather White, who is making a documentary on the health issues faced by Chinese factory workers in the electronics industry.

EMI News & Highlights

Dec 22

Pushing the Boundaries of TV in Pakistan

Park Leadership Fellow Faizan Syed achieves recognition for Pakistan’s Health TV, a channel focused on bringing health education to the people of Pak...

Dec 03

Professor Casanova named one of 50 Most Influential Intellectuals in Iberoamerica

Professor Lourdes Casanova , Senior Lecturer and Academic Director of the Emerging Markets Institute at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School ...

Nov 18

The Innovation Challenges and Achievements of Latin America

EMI Research Assistant, Sukriti Jain highlights Lourdes Casanova's work on innovation in Latin America.

Financial Times Emerging Markets Headlines

Jan 25

China to forge new markets for its output

‘One Road, One Belt’ strategy targets poorer countries with infrastructure investment to create the need for Chinese products

Jan 25

Indonesia’s long, bumpy road to democracy

Hamish McDonald’s ‘Demokrasi’ tells of country’s ongoing transformation

Jan 25

China buying more iPhones than US

Turning point highlights shifting power balance in smartphone market