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Our Startup Suite of Student-Run Entrepreneurship Services 

  • Br Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital fund focused on providing funding to early-stage, high-growth businesses.
  • BR Consulting offers commercial and strategic consulting to startup companies, helping them bridge the gap between business idea and company growth.
  • BR Microenterprise offers business advising and lending services to needs-based local entrepreneurs. BR Microenterprise is based at Johnson's Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise in partnership with a local credit union.
  • BR Advisory assists on getting young companies off on the right legal track.  For more information in BR Advisory, please contact Zach Shulman at zjs2@cornell.edu.
  • BR Tech Transfer is a continuous business collaboration between EII and the Cornell Center for Technology Enterprise and Commercialization to help commercialize more Cornell technology faster.


10/20/2016    6:00pm

2016 Families in Business Conference

Stater Hotel, Ithaca, NY

Startup Snapshots
Katie O'Brien '16

Rentals made easy

by Katie O'Brien '16.

Adam Kirsch '15, MBA '16, provides student tenants and landlords with a safe, easy-to-use platform for listing, finding, and managing rental properties.

Cornell Co-Founder Connection

Cornell Co-Founder Connection

Entrepreneurship@Cornell has partnered with CoFoundersLab to launch Cornell Co-Founder Connection to provide the broad Cornell University community with a free way to find a co-founder/business partner.

i Heart Startups

Cornell University, I Heart Startups

News and events of interest to Cornell Entrepreneurship community