Two-Year MBA Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Johnson Applied Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Entrepreneurship is something you learn by doing it. It is also a team activity. Inherent in our design is that our courses inspire students to actively engage and do entrepreneurship, as a team.

We deploy as teachers and coaches those with a range of expertise across sales, marketing, finance, management, leadership, technology, and law. Our team has extensive experience both doing and teaching entrepreneurship.

Principal Courses

Principal courses impart the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and innovation and provide an opportunity to experience an entrepreneurial project. These courses serve as prerequisites for advanced classes, fellowships, and concentrations and minors.

  • For Two-Year MBAs in Ithaca: Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership (NBA 5640)
  • For Cornell Executive MBA in Metro NY: Innovation and New Venture Creation/Design Thinking Immersion (NBA 6830/5880)
  • For Johnson Cornell Tech MBA: Entrepreneurial Journey (NBAY 6080), Sales and Business Development (NBAY 5640), Business Models (NBAY 6570), Business for Tech (NBAY 5500), Agility (NBA 6330)

Topical Courses

Through topical courses, students pursue more specialized knowledge and experience to guide their success in principle courses and eLab, and to support their particular entrepreneurial goals and interests.

  • The Business Idea Factory (NBA 5380) | Also open to EMBA
  • Entrepreneurship of Physical Devices (NBA 6910)
  • Emerging Technology Markets (NBA 6170)
  • Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (NBA 6650)
  • Cases in VC & PE (NBA 5570)
  • BR Ventures | Also open to Tech MBA


The eLab classes are the academic component of the eLab Program. eLab is Cornell’s business accelerator program for entrepreneurs looking to launch their businesses. It is an alliance between Entrepreneurship at Cornell and Student Agencies.

Students are advised to take principal courses first.

  • Actualizing Your Startup (NBA 6230 and 6330) | Application only | Full year
  • Entrepreneurial Speaker Series (NBA 6860) | Also open to non-eLab students.