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Cornell’s start-up accelerator program. Earn credits while growing your startup. $5K in funding offered to teams making it to the spring program. Startups from the past two years have raised $3M+ in funding to date and generating hundreds of thousands in revenue. Johnson students typically apply in the summer after their first year and start working in the summer or the following fall semester.

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Blackstone LaunchPad

Blackstone LaunchPad is a campus-based entrepreneurship program, accessible by over 500K students globally by the end of 2015, designed to support and mentor students, staff and alumni – regardless of major, experience or discipline. Program offers 1:1 mentorship, local and national community programs.

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Center for Technology Licensing

The Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) is Cornell University’s technology transfer office. We manage technology for Cornell’s Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medical CollegesCornell Tech and the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva. CTL’s mission is to bring the University’s scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and medical advances to the marketplace for societal benefit and to foster economic development within New York State and across the nation

Reflective of Cornell’s broad research endeavors, CTL manages inventions from disciplines including, but not limited to, chemistry, engineering, information technologies, materials science, medicine, plant science, and veterinary medicine. CTL licenses Cornell technologies to industry partners from all 50 states and in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Central and South America. Cornell inventions are patented in over forty countries.

CTL is accessible via BR Tech Strategy.

Entrepreneurship at Cornell

Entrepreneurship at Cornell

Entrepreneurship at Cornell is a diverse, university-wide program that finds and fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in participants from every college, every field, and in every stage of life. We are grounded in the belief that individuals who exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and have acquired entrepreneurial knowledge can add significant value to any working environment from the smallest startup to the largest business, from non-profits to government agencies.

Governed by the Deans of all twelve participating Cornell schools and colleges, Entrepreneurship at Cornell is supported by a committed Advisory Council of over 100 members.

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The Kennedy Hall location of eHub includes:

  • Open, flexible, and dynamic ideation and collaboration space
  • The Entrepreneurship at Cornell program offices and staff
  • Our Blackstone LaunchPad program office and staff
  • Lecture space for academic and training programs dedicated to entrepreneurship
  • Conference rooms available for reserved use by all eHub members

409 College Avenue location in Collegetown will include:

  • Open, flexible, and dynamic ideation, collaboration and business incubator/co-working/operations space
  • Lecture space for academic and training programs dedicated to entrepreneurship
  • Conference rooms available for reserved use by all eHub members
  • Our eLab team businesses
  • The businesses of Student Agencies, Inc.

Become a member of eHub now

Students, faculty and staff with an active Cornell Id card are invited to become members eHub. Members are able to:

  • reserve eHub conference rooms and collaboration/meeting/teaching spaces
  • access the eHub locations after-hours.