Two-Year MBA International Study Trips

Johnson offers international study trip courses each year. The typical study trip courses are:

  • Winter Break (December/January) – to India;
  • Spring Break (March) – to Colombia;
  • End of Spring Semester (May) – to Japan/South Korea;
  • Other country trips are offered in different years.

NBA 5920. India

Organized by Professor Melvin Goldman

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NBA5920 (India) will be a three plus week program with a project focus. Students will spend about ten days working with an Indian business student on a real business issue identified by companies in India. Projects range from advising entrepreneurs on their business strategy to advising a large corporation on planning for the downturn. Some participants will be working with a company in a consulting-like capacity; others will work in a business incubator environment. There will also be visits to a wide range of Indian corporations, including large factories and small hi-tech start-ups. The program is planned to start immediately after fall classes, including a week break for Christmas and New Years for traveling in India and end after the first week in January.

NBA 5920. Colombia

Organized by Professor Wesley Sine

The economic growth rate of Colombia has been one of the top performers in Latin America over the last 25 years. The economy is currently booming and the country is full of opportunity. This course will introduce students to the business environment in Colombia and some of the challenges and opportunities associated with this region. Students will learn about various sectors of the economy from small entrepreneurs to large industrial enterprises.

NBA 5920. Japan/South Korea

Organized by Mark B. Milstein, Lecturer of Strategy, Innovation, and Sustainable Global Enterprise

The course introduces students to the business environments of Japan and South Korea. Japan, the world’s 2nd largest economy and always fascinating, is transforming itself for the 21st century, while South Korea, a rising star, leading LCD manufacturer, and Internet whiz, is finding its place between China and Japan. Much is done to put the corporate visits in the context of current economic, political, and social issues in each country, and to compare and contrast business operations in the two countries.