Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell

The Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell is dedicated to supporting and strengthening the network of owners, leaders and alumni that work in, with or for a family business.

Founded in 2014 from a generous gift from John and Dyan Smith, the Smith Family Business Initiative provides education, networking and new knowledge for family business owners, successors and students from across the globe.

Leading Families Conference Group Photo

Leading Families, Sustaining Enterprises

Miami, Florida

September 10 -13, 2018

Based on the lessons learned from the successful application in countless Latin American companies, our instructors will present global best practices to guarantee the competitiveness of family businesses and, above all, show participants how to apply them according to their reality and within a local scenario.

Family Business Blog

May 29

Notes from the Family Innovations Summit

Daniel G. Van Der Vliet

Written by Pierre duPont Thanks to Daniel Van Der Vliet and Cornell’s Smith Family Business Initiative for a stellar event earlier this week. This was a day of private discussions between family-owned businesses of all types and sizes – from some of the largest in the world with 20-50 family members to some small and with only two […]