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The 2020 Families in Business Conference is made possible through the generous contributions of the following donors and supporters.

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Abbot Downing helps ultra-high-net-worth multigenerational families, family offices, foundations, and endowments build lasting legacies. We collaborate with clients and their advisors to manage the full impact of their unique wealth. The result is a finely crafted strategy designed to deliver desired results and a meaningful legacy for future generations.

Abbot Downing

For far too long, the focus of wealth management firms has been on the wealth that was removed from your business and into the family’s investment portfolio.

That’s not what we believe.  We believe that each member of the family and the family business are your most valuable assets.  We want to help.

For far too long, the focus has been ROI – Return on Investment.

That’s not what we believe.  We believe in ROE – Return on Everything…your business, your family, your management team, your estate, your legacy and of course, your investments.  We want to help.

We are Family Wealth and Legacy and we are changing the value proposition for mid-market family businesses.

Family Wealth and Legacy, LLC
Triad Foundation

Triad Foundation, Inc. focuses as well on early childhood and elementary education programs, on marine and tropical ecology, on selected scientific research and on human service, youth and other community-based programs in the communities in which its directors reside.