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The 2022 Families in Business Conference was made possible through the generous contributions of the following donors and supporters.

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Triad Foundation

Triad Foundation, Inc. focuses as well on early childhood and elementary education programs, on marine and tropical ecology, on selected scientific research and on human service, youth and other community-based programs in the communities in which its directors reside.

Continuity Family Business Consulting is a boutique firm of family business consultants and family advisors. Our combined expertise helps enterprising families (and families of wealth) untangle and manage the complexity of sharing business and other assets.

It’s quite common for enterprising families to get stuck, frustrated, bitter, or concerned about the future. While their legacy and goals are unique, the challenges they face are like those we’ve helped other families overcome for nearly 20 years.

Bottom line: We help families improve decision-making, maximize potential, and achieve continuity.

Continuity FBC