Cornell Case Competition for Family Ownership Past Winners


2024 Winners

The team from Washington University in St. Louis Olin School of Business, with members consisting of Samuel Berger, Michael Roytburd, and Jessica Timerman, finished in first place, and all teams had an incredible showing throughout the competition, including the NYU Stern team, who came in second, and the Cornell University team, who came in third.

We also recognized the following contributors at the conclusion of the competition:

  • Best Presenter Bradley Wo, NYU Stern
  • Ambassador Award Anna Szekeres, Cornell University
  • Judges Award Carol Wittmeyer, Saint John Fisher University and Cornell Family Business Fellow
  • Coaches Award Patrick Abouchalache, Boston University

Thank you to those who served as judges at the 2024 competition, including Ben MacAskill-SmugMug/Flickr; Don MacAskill-SmugMug/Flickr; Katy Moore-BanyanGlobal; James O’Hoppe-Wilmington Trust; Petru Sandu-Elizabeth College; Wes Sine-Smith Family Business Academic Director; Annie Van Fossan-Tugboat Institute; Kevin Omar Williams-Crimson Impact Investments; and Carol Wittmeyer-Cornell Family Business Fellow.

Thank you especially to BanyanGlobal Family Business Advisors,  Sam Seltzer ’48, and Wilmington Trust for their unwavering support of this competition.